American Philatelic Society
2014 Symposium Papers & Presentations

Development of Transoceanic Air Mail Service
8th Annual Postal History Symposium & Aerophilately 2014
September 12-14, 2014
American Philatelic Center, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

The 2014 Symposium was held in conjunction with a philatelic exhibition hosted by the American Air Mail Society.


Symposium Keynote

“A Pan Am Flight Cover Literally Changed My Life” by Jon E. Krupnick (YouTube Video)

Symposium Session 1

German Trans-Atlantic Airmail Services 1929–1939 - James W. Graue (read abstract | presentation | YouTube Video)

Aeropostale and Air France: A Decade of South-Atlantic Airmail - Daniel V. Gribbin (read abstract | presentation | paper | YouTube Video)

L.A.T.I., Linee Aeree Transcontinentali Italiane: The Italian Air Service to South America, December 1939–December 1941 - Samuel J. Pezzillo (read abstract | presentation | paper | YouTube Video)


Symposium Session 2

The Bathurst Connection: The Centrality of Gambia to the Development of Transatlantic Air Mail- Gary Wayne Loew (read abstract | presentation | paper | YouTube Video
This paper was published in Cameo, vol. 16, no. 3 (October 2015) and is re-posted here with permission.)

Development of Transpacific Airmail Routes by the Naval Air Transport Service - William Fort (read abstract | presentation | paper)


Symposium Session 3

"The Veil has been Lifted" Fisherman’s Lake, PAA Builds a Seaport in the Jungle - David E. Crotty (read abstract | presentation | paper)

Development of WWII Transpacific Airmail Service by the U.S. Army - William Fort (read abstract | presentation | paper)

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the South East European Air Mail Connection to North America (1939–1941) - Ratomir Zivkovic (read abstract | presentation | paper | YouTube Video)

The Postal History Symposium is produced by the American Philatelic Research Library, the American Philatelic Society, and the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

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