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"The Jenny" Printing Variations of America's First Airmail Stamp
by Don David Price, 2012, single frame, 8 pages, 5.63 MB

Awards: 2012 AmeriStamp Expo – Gold; 2010 Sarasota – Single Frame Grand; 2008 Portugal – Gold; 2008 WIPA – Gold; 2008 Israel World Stamp Championship – Large Gold; 2007 Aerophilately – Single Frame Grand; 2006 Washington – Gold; 2005 Chicagopex – Grand.

Description: This single-frame traditional exhibit illustrates problems encountered in the production of the first U.S. airmail stamp in 1918. The 24¢ airmail rate was ratified by Congress only days before the flights leaving little time for the production of the stamp and the bicolor nature of the stamp necessitated two passes through the printing press: once for the red frame and a second time for the blue “Jenny” vignette. In addition to the famous invert, changes to the marginal markings were made in the second and third printings and there were misalignment problems causing shifted vignette varieties.


Clippers over the Pacific: Development and Operations of Pan American Airways Trans-Pacific Airmail Routes 1935-1941
by Roger G. Schnell, 2004, 80 pages (5 frames), 10.6 MB

Awards: Gold Award at Minnesota Stamp Expo 2004; Large Vermeil at Pacific Explorer (FIP) 2005; Gold at Filatelic Fiesta 2008. Black and white copy of exhibit.

Description: This is an exhibit of Pan American World Airways Trans-Pacific route evolution, from its 1935 early survey flights to termination due to World War II. It is presented chronologically. Service evolution is primarily demonstrated using commercial airmail, selected to show origins, destinations, and rates.

The first commercial transport of mail across the Pacific was important because it ushered in the era of truly global international airmail service. Connections were made available to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. With the onset of W.W.II, the Pan Am Trans-Pacific Route provided an expedient route to Europe. In summary, Pan American Airways Trans-Pacific experience laid the foundation for around the world airmail service as we know it today.


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