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Be a YPLF Mentor

It is the goal of the Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship (YPLF) program to create philatelic leaders of tomorrow by connecting them with the leaders of the philatelic world today. The success of this program depends upon identifying philatelic mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and insights with enthusiastic, young collectors.

Be a YPLF Mentor! A mentor serves as a guide for one fellow, with the purpose of helping him or her to achieve their YPLF goals and required assignments. Mentors should have experience as a dealer, exhibitor, or author and be willing to support a young collector for an entire year.

Through a detailed application process, mentors are chosen based on their knowledge of philately, their willingness to assist young people to succeed in their chosen goals, and their history of commitment to the hobby of stamp collecting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mentoring:

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What is my time commitment?

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What is my financial commitment?

What are the benefits of mentoring?

How do I apply?

Why is a background check necessary?

How are Mentors recognized?

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If you have an interest in assisting a Fellow on their chosen path throughout the program, apply to be a Mentor. If you have questions or just a general interest, Cathy Brachbill.

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