American Philatelic Society
Building & Grounds Naming Opportunities

See Also separate list for Library

Buildings, Rooms, Areas
American Philatelic Welcoming Center (Lobby of Building 19) Named - William Bauer $500k
Education Wing of the American Philatelic Center (Both levels of Building 12) $500k
Building 1 (Future Museum and Educational Space) - Named - Osborne Morse $300k
Headsville Post Office Named - Gordon and Mary Morison $300k
Educational Assembly Hall (2nd level lobby area of Building 14) Named – August Hall $150k
Administration Area Named - Ambassador Robert E. Lamb $100k
Milestone Pathway $100k
Circuit Sales Offices Named - Ling Wen-Hu $100k
Paver Garden $100k
Editorial Suite $50k
Executive Directors Office $35k
Other Director's Offices $15-$20k
Spring Creek Walkway Tree $5k
Spring Creek Walkway Bench $2.5k
Stamp Frame (plate recognizing donor but does not include display space) $1k
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