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For information about business reply cards, contact or by phone (814) 933-3803 ext. 201.

Promote the Hobby with Business Reply Cards
Propose a New APS Member Earn $5.00

Do you correspond/trade with other stamp collectors? Do you buy or sell via Internet auctions? Do you edit a newsletter or publish price lists? Well consider distributing APS Business Reply Referral Cards in your mailings to other collectors.

The cards not only are a great recruiting tool for the APS, they also serve to identify you as a member of America’s national stamp society.

For dealers who can display it in a retail store or at stamp bourses, we have available a distinctive 9" x 12" card-display plaque. A smaller plastic fold-up counter box for displaying free APS membership brochures also is available.

And, best of all, you will receive a $5.00 check every time someone joins APS as a result of your referral. Cash it and buy lunch, or send it back to us as a tax-deductible donation. Actually, we hope you’ll “reinvest” this money somewhere in the philatelic marketplace.

Sponsor at least five (5) new APS members in the same calendar year and we’ll also give you one year’s dues FREE in addition to the checks you receive. So recruit five new APS members you’ll receive $25 and a year’s FREE dues!

Become an APS Booster!
These Free Cards Can Mean Members for Us, and $5 for You!

Only APS members may distribute these cards. You must provide a valid APS member number to obtain these.

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