American Philatelic Society

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Chapter Milestones
100, 75, 50, and 25 Year Chapters

Congratulations to the following chapters on reaching significant longevity milestones as an APS chapter. The date given is the date they became an APS chapter. In most cases clubs are founded well before they become an APS chapter.

100 Year Clubs

Buffalo Stamp Club, NY 1/31/1910
Chicago Philatelic Society, IL 10/10/1887
Denver Stamp Club, CO 5/31/1907
Detroit Philatelic Society, MI 10/31/1908
Garfield-Perry Stamp Club, OH 7/10/1890
Greater Cincinnati Phil. Society, OH 6/30/1916
Greater Philadelphia Stamp/Collectors Club, PA 12/31/1904
Michigan Stamp Club, MI 6/30/1916
Midwest Philatelic Society, MO 11/30/1894
Milwaukee Philatelic Society, WI 8/31/1907
Philatelic Society of Pittsburgh, PA 4/10/1889
San Francisco-Pacific Phil. Society, CA 4/10/1889
St. Louis Branch No. 4, MO 10/10/1887
William C. Stone Chapter, MA 1/31/1909

75 Year Clubs

Allentown Philatelic Society, PA 11/30/1924
Anthony Wayne Stamp Society, IN 7/31/1940
Baltimore Philatelic Society, MD 5/31/1936
Beverly Hills Philatelic Society, IL 11/30/1932
Cedar Rapids Stamp Club, IA 2/28/1934
Collectors Club of Denver, CO 4/30/1939
Evansville Stamp Club, IN 9/30/1938
Federation of Central NY Phil. Societies, NY 11/30/1940
Fort Orange Stamp Club, NY 5/31/1936
Fortnightly Collectors Club, NC 5/31/1939
Greater Utica Stamp Club, NY 7/31/1925
Lancaster County Philatelic Society, PA 8/31/1938
Mahoning Valley Stamp Club, OH 6/30/1926
McKinley Stamp Club, OH 2/28/1927
Oregon Stamp Society, OR 1/31/1926
Philatelic Society of Los Angeles, CA 4/30/1929
Philatelic Society of San Leandro, CA 6/30/1938
Reading Stamp Collectors Club, PA 3/31/1941
Rubber City Stamp Club, OH 4/30/1921
Sheboygan Stamp Club, WI 9/30/1935
St. Petersburg Stamp Club, FL 9/30/1937
Stamp Collectors Club of Toledo, OH 2/28/1940
Syracuse Stamp Club, NY 4/30/1921
Tampa Collectors Club, FL 7/31/1935
The Philaterians, IL 10/31/1937
Tucson Stamp Club, AZ 8/31/1924
Twin City Philatelic Society, MN 5/31/1931
Washington Stamp Collectors Club, DC 6/30/1938
Washington State Philatelic Society, WA 6/30/1935
Wichita Stamp Club, KS 3/31/1936

50 Year Clubs

Albuquerque Philatelic Society, NM 3/31/1948
Anchorage Philatelic Society, AK 10/31/1951
Annapolis Stamp Club, MD 3/31/1956
Arapahoe Stamp Club, CO 9/30/1965
Arizona Philatelic Rangers, AZ 1/31/1965
Athens Philatelic Society, GA 4/30/1961
Atlanta Stamp Collectors Club, GA 11/30/1953
Austin Texas Stamp Club, TX 1/31/1960
Baton Rouge Stamp Club, LA 8/31/1948
Belleville Stamp Club, IL 4/30/1965
Berkshire Stamp Club, MA 6/30/1965
Birmingham Philatelic Society, AL 6/30/1961
Black River Stamp Club, OH 4/30/1966
Boston Philatelic Society, MA 6/30/1950
Boulder Stamp Club, CO 3/31/1954
Bowie Stamp Club, MD 10/31/1966
Brandywine Valley Stamp Club, DE 3/31/1949
Burbank Stamp Club, CA 5/31/1948
Calhoun County Stamp Club, AL 8/31/1966
California Collectors Club, CA 1/31/1948
Capital City Philatelic Society, PA 7/31/1951
Charlottesville Stamp Club, VA 9/30/1957
Cherrelyn Stamp Club, CO 7/31/1949
Club Filatelico De Bogota, 6/30/1953
Collectors Club of Akron, OH 4/30/1948
Collectors Club of San Francisco, CA 12/31/1962
Collectors Club of Seattle, WA 9/30/1953
Columbia Philatelic Society, SC 1/31/1963
Columbus Philatelic Club, OH 4/30/1942
Corn Belt Philatelic Society, IL 11/30/1948
Council N. Cal. Philatelic Societies, CA 11/30/1959
Crescent City Stamp Club of New Orleans, LA 12/31/1962
Cuy-Lor Stamp Club, OH 10/31/1965
Cuyahoga Falls Stamp Club, OH 1/31/1964
Dearborn Stamp Club, MI 2/28/1963
Decatur Stamp Club, IL 4/30/1950
Des Moines Philatelic Society, IA 5/31/1950
Diablo Valley Stamp Club, CA 8/31/1959
Dutchess Philatelic Society, NY 12/31/1960
East Bay Collectors Club, CA 7/31/1946
El Paso Philatelic Society, TX 6/30/1950
Elmira Stamp Club, NY 9/30/1947
Fed. Philatelic Clubs S. California, CA 1/31/1948
Finger Lakes Stamp Club, NY 6/30/1958
Fort Findlay Stamp Club, OH 6/30/1955
Garden City Stamp Club, MT 6/30/1965
Germantown-Chestnut Hill Stamp Club, PA 3/31/1966
Glen Ellyn Philatelic Club, IL 10/31/1944
Glendale/La Crescenta Stamp Club, CA 4/30/1965
Greater Eugene Stamp Society, OR 12/31/1958
Greater Mound City Stamp Club, MO 2/28/1952
Greater Richmond Stamp Club, VA 4/30/1946
Havertown Stamp Club, PA 1/31/1960
Hawaiian Philatelic Society, HI 5/31/1950
Houston Philatelic Society, TX 3/31/1953
Huntsville Philatelic Club, AL 9/30/1965
Indiana Stamp Club, IN 7/31/1954
Inland Empire Philatelic Society, WA 1/31/1953
Jackson Philatelic Society, MS 8/31/1966
Johnstown Stamp Club, PA 6/30/1951

Kent Philatelic Society, MI 12/31/1960
Lake County Philatelic Society, IL 2/28/1958
Manchester Philatelic Society, CT 7/31/1966
Memphis Stamp Collectors Society, TN 5/31/1963
Metro Louisville Stamp Society, KY 1/31/1963
Monterey County Stamp Club, CA 9/30/1965
Motor City Stamp & Cover Club, MI 3/31/1959
Mt. Nittany Philatelic Society, PA 6/30/1944
Nashville Philatelic Society, TN 8/31/1958
New Haven Philatelic Society, CT 12/31/1948
North Jersey Federated Stamp Clubs, NJ 7/31/1962
North Shore Phil. Soc. of Milwaukee, WI 6/30/1966
North Shore Philatelic Society, IL 8/31/1946
Norwalk Stamp Club, CT 9/30/1965
Park Forest Stamp Club, IL 1/31/1963
Pascack Stamp Club, NJ 4/30/1960
PSPS, Michigan Postal History Soc., MI 12/31/1946
Pensacola Philatelic Society, FL 5/31/1965
Phoenix Philatelic Association, AZ 1/31/1951
Puerto Rico Philatelic Society, PR 11/30/1952
Quad City Stamp Club, IL 2/28/1948
Raleigh Stamp Club, NC 6/30/1963
Rhode Island Philatelic Society, RI 6/30/1954
Riverside Stamp Club, CA 6/30/1962
Rochester Philatelic Association, NY 4/30/1945
Roosevelt Philatelic Society, IL 3/31/1947
Rutland County Stamp Club, VT 5/31/1951
Sacramento Philatelic Society, CA 2/28/1956
Samuel Osgood Stamp Club, MA 12/31/1966
San Antonio Philatelic Association, TX 1/31/1956
San Jose Stamp Club, CA 11/30/1948
Santa Barbara Stamp Club, CA 8/31/1947
Santa Fe Stamp Club, NM 2/28/1961
Sarasota Philatelic Club, FL 6/30/1953
Silver Spring Philatelic Society, MD 6/30/1965
Sno King Stamp Club, WA 12/31/1966
Southern Illinois Stamp Club, IL 12/31/1959
Southern Oregon Philatelic Society, OR 3/31/1963
Springfield Philatelic Society, IL 9/30/1952
St. Joseph Stamp Collectors Club, MO 7/31/1966
Stamp Club of Grand Junction, CO 3/31/1953
Stamptrotters Soc. of Hudson Valley, NY 12/31/1963
Tacoma Stamp Club, WA 8/31/1962
Texas Philatelic Association, TX 8/31/1966
Tidewater Virginia Stamp Club, VA 2/28/1953
Tri-County Stamp Club, NY 3/31/1950
Utah Philatelic Society, UT 6/30/1953
Ventura County Philatelic Society, CA 5/31/1963
West Essex Philatelic Society, NJ 1/31/1959
Western Monroe Philatelic Society, NY 12/31/1963
Westfield Stamp Club, NJ 6/30/1963
White Rose Phil. Soc. of York, PA, PA 9/30/1963
Williamsburg Stamp Society, VA 1/31/1966
Wisconsin Fed. of Stamp Clubs, WI 5/31/1953
York County Stamp Club, ME 9/30/1963

25 Year Clubs

Adirondack Stamp, Postcard & Ephemera Club, NY 4/30/1984
Alle-Kiski Vly Numis/Phil Soc, PA 6/30/1985
Ann Arbor Stamp Club, MI 12/31/1971
Arabian Philatelic Association, TX 7/31/1968
Arcadia Stamp Club, CA 10/31/1980
ARGE USA/CANADA, 2/28/1978
Arizona Federation of Stamp Clubs, AZ 6/30/1971
Asheville Stamp Club, NC 6/30/1971
ATA, New York Chapter, NY 1/31/1989
Aurora Stamp Club, CO 11/30/1971
Austin Philatelic Club, IL 6/30/1977
Ayrhill Stamp Club, VA 4/30/1976
Badger Stamp Club, WI 1/31/1985
Bakersfield Stamp Club, CA 3/31/1967
Baraboo Area Stamp Club, WI 4/30/1986
Bay County Stamp Club, FL 12/31/1969
Big Lick Stamp Club, VA 6/30/1977
Birmingham Stamp Club, MI 2/28/1981
Blennerhassett Stamp Society, OH 12/31/1972
Bloomington Stamp Club, IN 1/31/1991
Blue And Gray Stamp Club, PA 1/31/1986
Brattleboro Stamp Club, NH 8/31/1979
Brentwood Philatelic Society, TN 8/31/1987
British Columbia Philatelic Society, BC 10/31/1988
Brookfield Philatelic Society, CT 1/31/1979
Bryan-College Station Stamp Club, TX 1/31/1979
Butler County Philatelic Society, PA 3/31/1980
Button Gwinnett Stamp Club, GA 6/30/1989
Bux-Mont Stamp Club, PA 3/31/1968
Calgary Philatelic Society, AB 2/28/1988
Calumet Stamp Club, IN 12/31/1975
Cape Coral Stamp Club, FL 12/31/1969
Carolinas Chapter 37, G.P.S., SC 4/30/1983
Cedar Valley Stamp Club, IA 12/31/1970
Centerville Stamp Club, IN 1/31/1979
Central Wisconsin Stamp Club, WI 4/30/1977
Central Wyoming Philatelic Assoc., WY 12/31/1987
Cessna Stamp Club, KS 12/31/1980
Champaign-Urbana Stamp Club, IL 2/28/1970
Charlotte Philatelic Society, NC 10/31/1969
Chattanooga Stamp Club, TN 8/31/1969
Chelmsford Stamp Club, MA 6/30/1977
Chesapeake Philatelic Society, MD 1/31/1969
Cheyenne Philatelic Society, WY 4/30/1975
Chittenden County Stamp Club, NY 11/30/1974
Clara Barton Stamp Club, MA 7/31/1991
Clearwater Stamp Club, FL 4/30/1968
Clifton Stamp Society, NJ 12/31/1984
Club Filatelico Guayaquil, 4/30/1972
Cobb County Stamp Club, GA 6/30/1981
Collectors Club of Dallas, TX 10/31/1974
Collectors Club of Michigan, MI 12/31/1973
Collier County Stamp Club, FL 5/31/1977
Colorado Springs Stamp Club, CO 9/30/1972
Columbia Philatelic Society, MO 6/30/1970
Coos Stamp Club, OR 4/30/1977
Coryell's Ferry Stamp Club, PA 12/31/1971
Cresthaven Stamp Club, FL 2/28/1975
Cuban Philatelic Soc. of America, FL 8/31/1971
Cumberland Valley Philatelic Soc., PA 4/30/1972
Dallas/Park Cities Phil. Soc., TX 7/31/1972
Dan River Philatelic Society, VA 4/30/1972
Dayton Stamp Club, OH 11/30/1974
Dover Stamp Club, DE 2/28/1977
Eastern Shore Stamp Club, MD 5/31/1989
Edmonton Stamp Club, AB 3/31/1968
Erie Stamp Club, PA 5/31/1984
Essex County Stamp Club-Canada, ON 1/31/1981
Euclid Stamp Club, OH 3/31/1967
Evanston-New Trier Phil. Society, IL 12/31/1972
Evergreen Stamp Club, WA 6/30/1973
Fall River Philatelic Society, MA 8/31/1986
Floral City Stamp Club, MI 5/31/1974
Fond Du Lac Stamp Club, WI 12/31/1986
Fort Steuben Stamp Club, OH 5/31/1973
Fremont Stamp Club, CA 7/31/1979
Fresno Philatelic Society, CA 8/31/1970
Friends Western Philatelic Library, CA 9/30/1972
Fulton Stamp Club, NY 9/30/1981
Gainesville Stamp Club, FL 6/30/1971
Gastineau Philatelic Society, AK 5/31/1973
General Francis Marion Stamp Club, FL 3/31/1991
Germany Philatelic Society, Chap. 18, WI 4/30/1983
Germany Philatelic Society, Chap. 23, FL 9/30/1988
Germany Philatelic Society, Chap. 5, IL 6/30/1968
Glacier Stamp Club, MT 9/30/1983
Gladstone Philatelic Club, MO 10/31/1987
Golden Bee Stamp Club, MA 11/30/1980
GPS, Herman L. Halle Chapter16, MD 2/28/1987
Great Bay Stamp Club, NH 6/30/1982
Great Falls Stamp & Paper Collectibles Club, MT 7/31/1984
Greater Augusta Stamp Club, GA 2/28/1974
Greater Eastside Stamp Society, WA 9/30/1981
Green Bay Philatelic Society, WI 4/30/1982
Green Mountain Stamp Society, MA 7/31/1988
Gulf Coast Stamp Club, MS 4/30/1975
Hagerstown Stamp Club, MD 8/31/1973
Hamilton Township Philatelic Society, NJ 1/31/1979
Hardware City Stamp Club, CT 4/30/1977
Harford County Stamp Club, MD 8/31/1968
Heart of Georgia Philatelic Society, GA 9/30/1989
Heart of Texas Stamp Club, TX 4/30/1978
Henry Clay Philatelic Society, KY 4/30/1986
Hollywood Stamp Club, FL 6/30/1967
Holston Stamp Club, TN 5/31/1967
Howard County Stamp Club, MD 8/31/1971
Hughes Stamp Club, CA 8/31/1975
Humboldt Stamp Collectors' Club, CA 7/31/1976
International Stamp Club, NY 12/31/1987
J. P. L. Stamp Club, CA 12/31/1975
Jacksonville Stamp Collectors Club, FL 2/28/1978
Janesville Stamp Club, WI 6/30/1988
Jockey Hollow Stamp Club, NJ 6/30/1973
Johnson Space Center Stamp Club, TX 12/31/1971
Joplin Stamp Club, MO 9/30/1989
Kalamazoo Stamp Club, MI 2/28/1983
Kingdom Philatelic Association, MO 8/31/1968
Knoxville Philatelic Society, TN 7/31/1981

Lake Minnetonka Stamp Club, MN 5/31/1982
Lakeland Stamp Club, FL 7/31/1982
Lakeshore Stamp Club, QC 8/31/1970
Lansing Area Stamp Club, MI 1/31/1971
Lawrence Stamp Club, KS 6/30/1981
Lawton-Fort Sill Stamp Club, OK 5/31/1978
Leatherstocking Stamp Club, NY 2/28/1987
Lebanon Stamp Collectors Club, PA 8/31/1968
Lincoln Stamp Club, NE 8/31/1971
Long Beach Stamp Club, CA 1/31/1970
Longview Stamp Club, TX 9/30/1982
Lynchburg Stamp Club, VA 12/31/1987
Madison County Bicentennial S. C., IN 10/31/1976
Manchester Stamp Club, NH 11/30/1971
Manitowoc Philatelic Society, WI 3/31/1978
Maplewood Stamp Club, MN 3/31/1968
Medina County Stamp Club, OH 5/31/1980
Merchantville Stamp Club, NJ 3/31/1972
Mesa Stamp Club, AZ 7/31/1975
Mesilla Valley Stamp Club, NM 9/30/1980
Mid-Cities Stamp Club, TX 3/31/1974
Mid-Florida Philatelic Society
DBA Central Florida Stamp Club, FL 8/31/1968
Missile Stamp Club, FL 3/31/1982
Mohawk Stamp Club, MA 7/31/1984
Montgomery Area Stamp Club, AL 4/30/1974
Morrisville Stamp Club, PA 12/31/1987
Mountain Home Area Stamp Club, AR 11/30/1972
Naperville Area Stamp Club, IL 3/31/1990
Nevada Stamp Study Society, NV 4/30/1973
New Port Richey Area Stamp Club Inc., FL 6/30/1978
Newburgh Stamp Club, NY 8/31/1968
Norman Stamp Club, OK 10/31/1983
North Penn Stamp Club, PA 2/28/1982
Northeastern Fed. of Stamp Clubs, MA 1/31/1980
Northern Indiana Philatelic Society, IN 10/31/1978
Northwest Stamp Club, IL 2/28/1978
Oklahoma City Stamp Club, OK 9/30/1972
Oklahoma Philatelic Society, OK 9/30/1985
Olympia Philatelic Society, WA 4/30/1974
Olympic Philatelic Society, WA 8/31/1976
Omaha Philatelic Society, NE 8/31/1979
Orange County Philatelic Society, CA 6/30/1969
Oshkosh Philatelic Society, WI 9/30/1982
Oslo Filatelist Klubb, 4/30/1968
Oswego Stamp Club, NY 7/31/1969
Outagamie Philatelic Society, WI 4/30/1969
Owensboro Area Stamp Club, KY 7/31/1991
Ozark Mountain Stamp Club, MO 2/28/1982
Palm Beach County Stamp Club, FL 6/30/1981
Palo Duro Philatelic Society, NM 4/30/1986
Palouse Empire Stamp Club, WA 7/31/1989
Philadelphia Natl. Stamp Exhibition, PA 1/31/1967
Philatelic 25, CA 4/30/1972
Philatelic Group of Boston, MA 9/30/1989
Pinnacle Stamp Club of Arkansas, AR 4/30/1985
Pontiac Stamp Club, MI 6/30/1967
Port St. Lucie Stamp Club, FL 6/30/1973
Pottstown Area Stamp Club, PA 1/31/1981
Poway Stamp Club, CA 4/30/1980
Prescott Stamp Club, AZ 4/30/1977
Putnam Philatelic Society, NY 4/30/1978
Red River Stamp Society, LA 4/30/1969
Redding Stamp Club, CA 9/30/1990
Regina Philatelic Club, SK 11/30/1977
Riverhead Stamp Club, NY 5/31/1987
Rockford Stamp Club, IL 8/31/1969
Rocky Mountain Stamp Show, CO 5/31/1977
Saddleback Stamp Club, CA 7/31/1973
Salem Stamp Society, OR 8/31/1969
San Diego County Philatelic Council, CA 4/30/1975
Scandinavian Collectors Club, Chap. 4, IL 6/30/1979
Sequoia Stamp Club, CA 5/31/1968
Sidney Stamp Club, OH 11/30/1984
Simi Valley Stamp Club, CA 6/30/1987
Soc. Philatelique De Quebec, QC 3/31/1985
South Miami Stamp Club, FL 6/30/1980
South Plains Stamp Club, TX 10/31/1970
Southeast Federation of Stamp Clubs, GA 10/31/1991
Southern Nevada Stamp Club, NV 3/31/1972
Southwestern Michigan Stamp Club, MI 3/31/1983
Spring Hill Stamp Club, IL 6/30/1988
Spring-Ford Philatelic Society, PA 10/31/1971
Springfield Stamp Club, VA 10/31/1976
St. Cloud Area Stamp Club, MN 3/31/1987
Staten Island Philatelic Society, NY 2/28/1972
Suburban Collectors' Club, IL 10/31/1970
Sullivan County Philatelic Society, NY 12/31/1974
Sun City West Coin & Stamp Club, AZ 1/31/1982
Sussex County Stamp Club, DE 12/31/1990
Tallahassee Stamp/Cover Club, FL 12/31/1990
Tamalpais Stamp Club, CA 1/31/1981
Thames Stamp Club, CT 3/31/1971
Tidewater Stamp Club, MD 12/31/1988
Tiffin Stamp Club, OH 3/31/1970
Titusville-Moonport Stamp Club, FL 10/31/1973
Tri-City Stamp Club, WA 1/31/1969
Triangle Stamp Club, NC 2/28/1976
Tulsa Stamp Club, OK 12/31/1967
United Stamp Societies, NY 12/31/1984
USA en Canada Filatelie, 12/31/1991
Vallejo Stamp Club, CA 7/31/1984
Venice Stamp Club, FL 3/31/1967
Visalia Philatelic Society, CA 12/31/1972
Wachusett Philatelic Society, MA 10/31/1978
Walla Walla Valley Phil. Society, WA 1/31/1979
Waltham Stamp Club, MA 3/31/1968
Warren Area Stamp Club, OH 3/31/1970
Warrensburg Stamp Club, MO 12/31/1990
Waterville Stamp Club, ME 6/30/1986
Waukesha County Philatelic Society, WI 3/31/1970
Wauwatosa Philatelic Society, WI 10/31/1977
West Omaha Stamp Club, NE 4/30/1984
West Side Stamp Club, CO 4/30/1970
West Suburban Stamp Club, MI 2/28/1971
West Volusia Stamp Club, FL 1/31/1984
Westmoreland County Phil. Society, PA 1/31/1967
White Mountain Stamp Club, NH 2/28/1979
Wilkinsburg Stamp Club, PA 3/31/1982
Wilmington Philatelic Society, NC 5/31/1984
Winnipeg Philatelic Society, MB 12/31/1971
Winston-Salem Stamp Club, NC 5/31/1984
Winter Haven Stamp Club, FL 5/31/1987
Worthington Stamp Club, OH 6/30/1967

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