American Philatelic Society
APS Produced & Maintained Chapter Webpages

Cost: $75/year

Includes: Web Site Creation (up to four pages), hosting, and up to four updates annually. Your URL will be club name.

All sites will be based on a template (click here to see sample site) that may include the following information:

Club Name

Club Logo (if available)

Club Affiliations such as APS, ATA, AFDCS (all sites will include APS logo and link to APS home page).

Club Meeting Location(s), Time and Contact Information

Calendar of Club Events

Downloadable Member Application (club must provide form)

Officer Listing

Club bylaws

Up to 10 Links

Up to 8 photos

All information must be supplied by the clubs. Initial submission may be as hard copy or computer files (text for pages can be provided in Word format, and any forms you wish to link to such as a membership application can be provided in .pdf format, any images/logos should be submitted in .jpg or gif format). All updates must be submitted via e-mail.

Updated calendar of programs may be submitted four times/year. Changes in meeting location, officers or contact information should be provided as soon as known and will not count against four updates.

Not included: Show or bourse information beyond calendar listing and minimal information (you could devote one of your pages to information about your show/bourse with links to .pdf listings of participants - but we cannot provide extensive show pages - we are willing to work with you).

To participate

Submit payment of $75 - by either writing a check written to APS and mail to APS/Club Website, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823 - OR - submit online payment

Review and verify club meeting information already on APS website - view listing.

Provide club logo (should be electronically submitted as .jpg or .gif file, if hard copy sent must be clean)

Send listing of officers (with contact information approved by officers such as email or phone)

Send text and any images for the main page

Send calendar of events

Optional Documents - Member Application, Bylaws, etc. in .pdf form.

Clubs do not have to register or pay for a domain name.

Questions? Contact Doris Wilson at 814-933-3803 ext. 223 or email

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