American Philatelic Society

APS Mailing Lists

Lists Provided Commercially

APS-affiliated philatelic organizations and dealer members sometimes ask to use the Society’s mailing lists so they can send offers of philatelic products or services to APS members. While the Society is conservative in releasing members’ names and addresses, the APS does permit use of portions of the membership list when, in the opinion of the Society, the products or services offered may be of benefit to the membership.

  1. To any member, chapter, or affiliate in good standing, and to postal agencies upon approval of the Executive Director.
  2. Requests for non-philatelic use or from non-members to be approved by the Board of Vice Presidents.
  3. Fee basis is $100 per 1,000 records with a minimum fee of $100 for 1,000 records. Lists exceeding 1,000 records will be invoiced based upon the exact count prorated at $100/m (10 cents per name).
  4. The fee for monthly mailing lists of admitted new members is $300 annually.
  5. Lists can be tailored by collecting interest (see collecting interests list), zip areas, or by date of membership.
  6. Members who have requested the Society not to release their address will be excluded from mailing lists.
  7. Requirements:

    1. Lists are provided for the sole use of the renter and may not be resold or transferred to another party.
    2. Sample (draft copy) of what is to be mailed.
    3. Lists are provided for one-time use.
    4. Use of APS lists for the purpose of sending unsolicited approvals is prohibited.

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