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This column is published monthly in The American Philatelist

Please feel free to contact Scott English if you have any questions regarding the column.

December 2018 BNAPS Announces Summer Seminar Youth Scholarship
November 2018 On the Road Again
October 2018 Catching Up on a Great APS Summer
September 2018 We Need Stamp Collecting More Than Ever
August 2018 A Worthy Challenge and a Welcome Addition
July 2018 Society Leadership Changes from Z to Z
June 2018 Looking for a Few Good Shows
May 2018 Luff Award Winner Honored by Collectors Club
April 2018 We Thank You
March 2018 The Best Friends are Stamp Friends
February 2018 Of Bricks, Stamps and People
January 2018 Looking Back and Looking Ahead
December 2017 APS Bids Farewell to Two Talented Directors
November 2017 Mission Complete!
October 2017 Thank You, Richmond!
September 2017 National Stamp Collecting Month Almost Here
August 2017 Passing the Baton at the APRL
July 2017 Commitment Drives Successful Show
June 2017 Melding Technology and the Hobby
May 2017 Of Mountains, Stamps, and So Much More
April 2017 Thank You for Your Contributions
March 2017 Rob Haeseler Was Hobby’s True Friend
February 2017 Sharing Stamp Stories
January 2017 Philatelist Leaves Legacy to Embrace
December 2016 A Friend With Stamps is a Friend Indeed
November 2016 New and Old Friends, and Meeting a Legend
October 2016 Are We a Bunch of Fuddy-Duddies?
September 2016 Ambassadors Can Help Us Do So Much
August 2016 Planning for More Educational Opportunities
July 2016 Stamps on the World Stage
June 2016 Together We Can Do So Much
May 2016 Start Spreading the News...
April 2016 Thank You for All That You Do
March 2016 You Can Help APS Stay Strong and Grow
February 2016 Creating a Winning Lineup
January 2016 Commitment to Education Several Opportunities to Help Strengthen the Hobby
December 2015 Sustaining the Past, Present, and Future
November 2015 Fundamentals Will Forge Philately’s Future
October 2015 Home is Where the Stamps Are...
September 2015 The Start of a Collecting Journey
This column is published monthly in The American Philatelist

Please feel free to contact Ken Martin if you have any questions regarding the column.

August 2015 Grant Support for Stamps Teach
July 2015 Great News and Great Events Exciting Events to Take Place at StampShow 2015
June 2015 Tackett Retires from U.S. Postal Service - Best Wishes to a Long-time Supporter of Stamp Collecting
May 2015 APS Staff Turnover
April 2015 Team Work and Competition
March 2015 It Happened in 2014
February 2015 Website Updates & AmeriStamp Expo App
January 2015 Thirty-three Years of Service Barb Boal
December 2014 A Little of This and That
November 2014 A Time for Thanks
October 2014 2014 APS StampShow
September 2014 Volunteers Warmly Thanked
August 2014 Ultimate Stamp Sale & Summer Seminar
July 2014 World Stamp Show NY 2016 Is Coming
June 2014 Membership Loss Decreasing
May 2014 Making the Most of Membership
April 2014 For the Love of the Hobby
March 2014 2013 Was a Good Year
February 2014 Thank You for Renewing Your Membership
January 2014 Stamp Collecting Resolutions for 2014
December 2013 Stamps Teach Is Expanding
November 2013 Celebrations for National Stamp Collecting Month
October 2013 StampShow 2013 Highlights
September 2013 Our Volunteers Are Great
August 2013 June Has Been a Great Month
July 2013 Together We Accomplish More
June 2013 Stamp Show Summit To be Held
May 2013 Success Stories at the APS
April 2013 APS Members Memorialized
March 2013 Visit ‘The Caves’
February 2013 Congratulations Volunteers!
January 2013 Happy New Year!
December 2012 Election Time
November 2012 Reaching Non-Collectors
October 2012 A Look Back at StampShow 2012
September 2012 Congratulations & Thank Yous Are in Order
August 2012 Busy Summer at the APC
July 2012 First Days at StampShow
June 2012 New Tenant Signed
May 2012 Special Thanks to Special People
April 2012 Website Development & Members Honored
March 2012 Philatelic Growth Not Hindered by Winter
February 2012 Early Feedback
January 2012 Happy New Year!
December 2011 Thanks to All
November 2011 Education Services at the APS
October 2011 Financial Progress Made: Programs & Services
September 2011 125 Years!
August 2011 Columbus StampShow To Be a Philatelic Feast
July 2011 Headed in the Right Direction
June 2011 Solitary and Collegial
May 2011 We Need Your Help
April 2011 Mark Your Calendar!
March 2011 Milestones Achieved & Service Recognized
February 2011 APRL Goes from Strength to Strength
January 2011 Happy New Year
December 2010 Holiday Cheers
November 2010 It's Dues Time
October 2010 Summer Show Not Slow
September 2010 Volunteers & Visitors
August 2010 We All Can Help
July 2010 Working Together
June 2010 Collect How You Want!
May 2010 A Social Hobby?
April 2010 Growth & Change
March 2010 Volunteers at the APC
February 2010 Holiday Joy
January 2010 A New Year & New Opportunities
December 2009 Together We Can Accomplish More
November 2009 Dues Hold the Line
October 2009 Happy National Stamp Collecting Month!
September 2009 Our Hobby Has a Future
August 2009 Help Recruit New Members
July 2009 Volunteers Key to the Society
June 2009 The Pulse - First Column
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