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Expertizing Fees


Current Scott Catalogue Value APS Fee Non-APS Fee
$200 or Less $20 $40
$201 - $500 $25 $45
$501 - $1,000 $30 $50
$1,000 or more 3% of current Scott value regardless of condition 5% of current Scott value regardless of condition
Uncatalogued/Unpriced Items Minimum $30 Minimum $50
Maximum Fee $400 $800

The fees do not include return postage costs, a discretionary expense of the owner.

Refund Policy

No opinions: a refund is provided if an item is returned to the owner without an opinion by the committee, less an $8 administrative fee.

Items where the original fee is above $30: if an item is determined by APEX to be a counterfeit or identified as a less expensive item, the fee is adjusted to a minimum of $30 and a refund for the difference is provided.

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