American Philatelic Society

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Krystal Harter,
APEX Coordinator
ext. 206

How to Submit an Item


  1. Each item must be accompanied by a special Application Form which is available for download for a single item or by sending a self-addressed, stamped No. 10 envelope to the American Philatelic Expertizing Service, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823. Rules and Regulations and Fees for submitting items are printed on each form.

  2. When you send completed forms, you also must enclose envelopes and postage that will be used to acknowledge receipt of items and to return them.

Once an Item is Submitted:

Each item received by the service is assigned a number and scanned. One computer scan is attached to the certificate that is returned to the owner with the item in question; another scan is kept on permanent file for reference. Items then are directed to experts by registered mail. Because the service is operated via the mail, we ask that you allow ninety days before inquiring about an item. An item will not be accepted for expertizing if the owner insists upon a deadline for its return.

More than 140 collectors and dealers, each considered an expert in one or more fields of the hobby, serve APEX. Items submitted usually are reviewed by up to five experts before formal opinions are rendered. Occasionally when the consensus cannot be reached by experts reviewing an item, the service declines to render an opinion and refunds the fees, minus an administrative charge.

The names of individuals who have submitted material are not revealed to the experts, and the identities of the experts who serve on the committee are not listed on the certificate. When an item is returned to the service by the last expert scheduled to review it, a formal opinion is written on the certificate and the item is returned to the owner. Any comments from the experts become part of the permanent file kept by the service.

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