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Dominican Republic 119
Also available in .pdf format.

One of these stamps is a genuine Dominican Republic 119 and the other is a forgery. Can you tell the difference?
If you are having trouble, see the "hints" and answer below.



  1. Genuine: The tops of the letters “ANT” just touch the third line of shading from the top. There is a period after “ATLANTICO.” The ¼-centavo to 5¢ values are perforated 14, while the 10¢ to 1-peso high values are perforated 12.
  2. Forgery: In the Imperato forgery the tops of the letters “ANT” of “ATLANTICO” just touch the second shading line from the top in the vignette. There is no period after “ATLANTICO,” and all values are perforated 11. In the Fournier forgeries, the tops of the letters “ANT” fall between the third and fourth shading line from the top. There is a period after “ATLANTICO,” but all copies are perf 13.


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