American Philatelic Society
Thomas J. Alexander Donation Snap Shots - June 2013

The 326 boxes came by truck, were unloaded, and taken to Sundman Hall.


All the boxes were numbered and marked for contents – Archives, Auction Catalogs, or Books. Here Krystal Harter, Expertizing Coordinator/Library Assistant put labels on the boxes.

Abby Masorti volunteered her day at the APS to help.


The skids were unloaded, put on carts and moved to the second floor. Bill Dixon (left), Sales Division Circuit Manager and Tom Horn (right), Director of Sales Division, load boxes on carts.

Scott Tiffney, ARPL Reference Assistant, takes some boxes to the second floor.


Wendy Masorti, Webmaster, and Shane Guyer, who took time out of his schedule to volunteer, unloaded carts.

The boxes are unloaded and stacked ready to be cataloged and put on shelves. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers the job was completed in less than two hours.


Tara Murray, Director of Information Services/Librarian, looks at the donation.

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