American Philatelic Society
Volunteer Work Week - July 2012

Volunteer Work Week was held July 23–27. A total of 45 volunteers helped in various departments at the APC.


Brian Christian, Richard Romig and Harry Dawson volunteered in Circuit Sales.

Dick Osman enjoyed helping with the Reference Collection.


Richard Judge and Craig Russo scanned stamps and named them by Scott number for Editorial.

Dee Reiter helped in Shows and Exhibitions.


Margaret Russo sorted stamps for Youth/Education.

Georgeann & Bill Salisbury and Jim Koncz also sorted stamps for Youth/Education.


Dick Sprankle, Lo Reiter, and Debbie Cleeton helped in Education/Development.

Bernie Lodge bagged stamps to be distributed to teachers.


Reinhard Graetzer and Autumn Hanley prepared stamps for teachers.

Charles Belair and Bob Savage assisted Richard Nakles in Development.


Don Heller attended training to index journals.

Volunteers covered the collections in the library annex. Dick Colberg


Paula Belair

Scott Tiffney


A BIG Thank You to everyone who volunteered. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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