American Philatelic Society
June Snap Shots
ATA visits APC

On June 25 guests visited the APC following the National Topical Show held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Several directors gave presentations — Tara Murray talked about the APRL.


Barb Boal gave a talk about the American Philatelist.

Visitors spent time shopping for covers and …


Checking out what is available to purchase in the APRL.


Some spent time in Circuit Sales while others did some research in the Library.


Dana Guyer and Ken Martin gave guests a tour of the facility.

Mercer Bristow explains the Expertizing Service.


The visitors posed for a group picture.

National Topical Stamp Show

The American Topical Association held its National Topical Stamp Show, June 21–23 in Lancaster. PA.


Dealers at the show.

Frederick C. Skvara received the Distinguished Topical Philatelist Award for Outstanding Service to Topical Philately.


Some attendees take time to chat.

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