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Mighty Buck Purchases

Through the generosity of the many members who contributed to the Mighty Buck Club, here we provide a list of what you have made possible so far! Check back often to see how one buck at a time, dollars add up to make big things happen!

Items purchased to date:

BookScan Station - APRL

AutoFolder - All Depts.

Merchandise Case - Visitors Area

Laptop - Shows & Exhibitions

Digital Camera - All Depts.

Envelope Sealer - All Depts.

Books - APRL

Large Projector Screen - All Depts.


Fax Machine - All Depts.

LCD Projector - Education

HandyCam Video Camera - All Depts.

File Cabinet - Sales Division

HP Color LaserJet Printer - All Depts.

DVD Duplicator - Education

Computer - Sales Division

Additional Merchandise Cases

Floor Standing Brochure and Magazine Holders

Long/Short Wave Light

Archival Storage Boxes

Mobile Computer Station

Volunteer Computer



Library Printer

Countertop Tie Rack

Omation Envelope Opener

Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Presentation Cart

Wall-Mount Projection Screen

Mighty Bill and the library staff with new scanner

BookScan Station - The BookScan Station is a self-service large format book scanner. It features a beveled edge to scan pages without damaging the spine of the book, and can scan pages up to 11" by 17" in black and white, grayscale, or color. It can scan to a variety of formats, including JPG and PDF, and has text recognition software to create searchable PDF documents.

Visitors can scan to a USB drive or send scanned images to an email address directly from the scanner. The touchscreen makes operating the scanner easy. Staff will also use the scanner to fill requests for scans AND the APRL will also use this new scanner for digitization projects, and other departments at the American Philatelic Center can use it when they need a large format scanner. April 2011

A BIG THANK YOU, from our APRL Staff

Auto Folder

Martin Yale 1501X CV-7 AutoFolder - The staff is delighted to have the new AutoFolder in service. The A. B. Dick folder used previously has (had) been with the Society for more than 45 years. The new folder performs many custom folds. To cut costs, several departments are designing and printing lower use brochures in-house. Custom folding allows staff more design options, not to mention fewer headaches. If you've every heard the old folder (particularly when it jams), you know what I'm talking about. Many thanks Mighty Buck Club donors!

Merchandise Display Case

48" Full Vision Showcase with Lock - Visitors to the APC have seen our mini gift shop in the lobby. You couldn't miss our folding table displaying souvenirs and supplies. When non-philatelic events occurred after hours, we would physically move items to a secure location. Our new showcase is a welcome addition to displaying and securing items for sale to visitors. Our lobby looks so much nicer! Thanks again Mighty Buck Club donors.

Dana and Mighty Bill with the new laptop.

Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7104 Laptop - When first starting in the shows department we had three computers running our off site office during our shows. For the past 3 years we have only had one older laptop dedicated to do everything from daily operations, typing the palmares, assisting members, running reports, and engraving medals – just to name a few. Thanks to Mighty Bill donations we have been able to purchase the Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7104 laptop on sale so our bucks went even farther. It has a 17 inch screen, 4GB of memory and 2.5 GHz of processor speed in order to help us do our job at the show more efficiently. This is a behind the scene item that is used to facilitate running our shows and thanks to all of you for making this possible! — Dana and Barb in the Shows Department

Barb Boal taking a picture of Mighty Bill with the new camera.

Sony Cyber-shot 16.0 Megapixel Digital Camera - The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H70 camera will enable us to share photos with the membership through The American Philatelist, the Philatelic Literature Review, the e-Newsletter, and the website. The easy-to-use camera is available to all staff members who travel to shows, seminars, club meetings, and any other Society-related events. We also will be able to digitally document events that happen at the American Philatelic Center. Remember to smile! You’re on “Mighty Buck” Candid Camera.

Thank you, Mighty Buck Donors!

Mighty Bill sealing envelopes.

SECAP 720 Envelope Sealer - I'm sure you can imagine how much outgoing mail we generate. Our previous envelope sealer was leased through Pitney Bowes. When the Society signed this lease more than five years ago, there wasn't an affordable sealer available without a postage meter. For five years we have been paying fees for maintenance and technology updates to a postage meter we've never used. With our lease ready to end, we discovered the SECAP 720 Envelope Sealer online. Mighty Bill to the rescue. With your generous donations, we were able to purchase this fully automatic sealer. We've eliminated hundreds of dollars of leasing fees and technology updates. The sealer will practically pay for itself in savings in just two years!

Thank you, MB Donors!

Mighty Bill with the new books

Book Purchase - The American Philatelic Research Library collection grows primarily through donations. Thanks to the generosity of our members, affiliate societies, and philatelic authors and publishers, we add publications (old and new) to our collection almost daily.

Occasionally, though, we find ourselves in need of a publication that we are not likely to receive as a donation. The members of the Mighty Buck Club have filled one such gap in our collection by providing funds to purchase 5 books on historical geography which will be useful to postal historians using the library.

The books are D.W. Meinig's 4-volume The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History and Derek Hayes' Historical Atlas of the United States. Both will be used by students taking "Geography and Postal History: A 'Writer's Institute'" during the APS Summer Seminar week next month, and will be available for loan to APS and APRL members.

Thanks to the members of the Mighty Buck Club who have helped the APRL collection grow "one buck at a time!"

Projector Screen -Thanks to Mighty Buck donors, the APS now has a large projection screen to hang in Sundman Hall. Previously, we have rented a screen large enough for an audience of 100+ people, but now we can save those fees. The screen was recently used during Summer Seminar on Philately in June.


Defibrillator -Mighty Bill is now a life saver! He has helped us to provide a defibrillator for the building.


Brother IntelliFax 2820 - When a piece of equipment goes down, Mighty Bill is there ready to help. The APS fax machine stopped working one morning; thanks to Mighty Buck Club members we were able to have a new one put in place by that afternoon!

Happy Faxing!

Epson VS2000 LCD Projector - Mighty Bill purchased a new LCD Projector for use at our eductional events.

Thanks again!

Sony, DCR-SR68 Handycam - Lights, Camera, Action! Mighty Bill is now making movies! This new Handycam has some great features that will allow the APS & APRL to record functions and event speakers so that we can share these presentations with those who could not attend. In addition, it will allow us to save presentations for the archives.


Here's a sample video from the handycam - Librarian Presentation.

File Cabinet - The Sales Division received some funds from Mighty Buck to purchase a file cabinet for storing our expanding inventory of Clearance sales books. We have gone from an initial inventory of about 500 books having a selling value of about $45,000 to 3200 sales books with a value of about $300,000. The file cabinet we bought with our Sales Division budgeted funds cannnot hold the present inventory, so we would like to thank Mighty Buck/Bill and his cohorts and minions for their generosity.

HP Color LaserJet CP6015 Series Printer - The Education, Editorial, and Shows Departments recently welcomed a new addition to their workroom - an HP Color LaserJet printer - made possible by the generosity of the Mighty Buck Club members. The speed and duplexing capability of the new printer resulted in a spontaneous eruption of happy dancing down the hall. Already known as the MVP (Most Valueble Printer), it will see a lot of action in the production of educational materials, show necessities (programs, souvenir cards, and signs), APS printing projects (brochures, invitations, business cards, cachets, etc.), editorial department page layouts, and much more. It also is available to other APS departments for their special printing needs.
- Thank you Mighty Buck donors!

DVD Duplicator - Thanks to the Mighty Buck program, we can quickly duplicate DVDs and cds for customer orders. Formerly, we were duplicating them one at a time on a staff member’s desktop computer. This restricted the staff member’s ability to work on other projects and created lower-quality DVDs. The Mighty Buck program does it again, making the APS stronger for its members.

Sales Division Computer - This computer, purchased from your Mighty Buck donations, is dedicated to use for the digital images of the sales books received by the Sales Division each week. We have two cameras that have provided us with 1.5 million pictures of sales book pages in the last 4 1/2 years. This new computer allows us to process the images more efficiently, eliminating computer crashes from the high volume, continuous storage of the images. Thank you Mighty Buck contributors!

70" and 48" Full Vision Metal Framed Display Cases - Both cases match the case purchased with last years Mighty Buck funds. All our souvenirs and publications for sale in the APC lobby are now displayed in attractive cases which can be locked for security. In the past, when the building was rented in the evening or weekends, we would physically need to remove the items from the lobby and place them in a secure area.

Two Adjustable Floor Standing Brochure and Magazine Holders - In the past, brochures and magazines were covering our end tables and part of the receptionist desk. Our brochure holders were old and could not hold all of the brochures in stock. With many visitors to the APC, we have a mini visitors center in the lobby. If you need lodging for the evening, a restaurant, or those who are not collectors want to sightsee, we now have an attractive designated area for them to visit.

Long/Short Wave Light - Our old long/short wave light was slowly tuckering out, along with the old metal (rusty) viewing box. It was time to leave the 1980s and upgrade. Thanks to the Mighty Buck Fund we acquired the Raytech Ultraviolet Light Super Star Model LS-88CB (the Firebolt of lights for you Harry Potter fans) along with the companion “lighter then air” view box VB-8.

From Krystal Harter and myself here in the APEX office, thank you to all the people who have contributed to the Mighty Buck Campaign.

Archival storage boxes - Special storage boxes help to organize and protect unique archival collections at the APRL. With Mighty Buck funds, we purchased 2 large boxes to store oversized items such as photos, floor plans, and posters, and 15 cartons to store folders of documents. We are using them to store the APS Archives, a collection that tells the story of the APS from its beginning in 1886 to the present day. It is always a good idea to store this kind of collection in archival quality acid-free boxes, but it’s especially important for the APRL now because our annex, where our archival collections are housed, is affected by the renovation work being done for the Match Factory’s new tenant. These boxes will prevent dust and dirt from damaging the material inside – material that was previously housed in repurposed boxes or even loose on the shelves. Thank you, Mighty Buck donors, for helping us to preserve our Society’s history!

Mobile Computer Station - Thanks to Mighty Buck, we are able to have mobile computing at the APC. This will allow American Philatelic Research Librarians to work at the shelves and Education Department instructors during Summer Seminar more flexibility in teaching. The cart may also prove useful at APS stamp shows. Its sturdy construction ensures we will enjoy the benefit of it for many years.

Volunteer Laptop - Mighty Buck, through generous APS donors, has purchased a Dell laptop for use by volunteers at the American Philatelic Center. We’ve seen an increase in regular, weekly volunteers, allowing staff to engage them in projects requiring use of a computer that can be transported to any department where the work is completed. The laptop resides in the American Philatelic Research Library and may be reserved and checked out when needed.

Camtasia - With funding from the Mighty Buck Club, we have purchased Camtasia Studio screen recording and video editing software so that we can make high quality video tutorials for our members. This software allows us to capture video of our computer screens, so we can show you how to navigate the website, search the library catalog and StampStore inventory, or use software like Photoshop Elements as if you were at the Match Factory with us. Check out our first video, showing you all the features of your account on our new website (view video) and how to find a book in the library catalog view video).

WorldCat - is the world’s largest network of library content and services. The Mighty Buck Club has funded a subscription to WorldCat, which will enable us to contribute our library catalog records to the WorldCat database, as well as copy records from other libraries to make our own cataloging more efficient.

Through WorldCat, APRL holdings will be searched along with the contents of major research libraries around the world. WorldCat records also appear in internet search engine results.

Library Printer - Thanks to the Mighty Buck Club donors, we have purchased a new printer for the public computers in the Library. The printer will be used by library patrons and volunteers to print off pages from the library catalog or digital indexes to help them find materials on the shelves or to save results of a search for future use. This will make the researcher’s experience at the APRL more efficient. It replaces two printers which were no longer able to produce legible prints, and represents an upgrade because it can be networked to both computers, eliminating the need for a second printer, and because it can print on both sides of the page, saving paper.

Countertop Tie Rack - These two new tie racks are heavy duty chrome adjustable racks. Each rack has 12 pegs for ties and includes a top cardholder.

Omation Envelope Opener - This envelopener replaces our 40+ year old industrial envelope opener. It is the lastest advancement in envelope opening technology. Utilizing milling cutting and a self-adjusting feeder. The envelopener opens up to 400 envelopes of various sizes and thicknesses per minute.

Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats - Three 10-feet mats were purchased to place in front of the 14 file safes where to sales books are stored. We spend a great deal of time standing at the files to fill circuits and these mats are desigend to reduce the wear and tear on our feet, knees and hips. Thank you Mighty Buck!

Presentation Cart - The Extra Wide Sit-Stand Presentation Station is a great AV presentation center for use in seminars and training sessions at the American Philatelic Center. The extra wide shelves accommodate additional tools and equipment. This doublewide presentation cart comes with three sturdy shelves for accommodating the projector, laptop, stationery and supplies. The unit has two additional side shelves that are removable, each of which extends 18” outward. Four casters allow easy movement of the carts. The APS hosts annual events such as Summer Seminar on Philately and the Postal History Symposium.

Projection Screen - This wall-mounted projection screen in the Educational Meeting Room allows attendees at large events, such as Summer Seminar and the Postal History Symposium, to easily see projected images.

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