American Philatelic Society

American Philatelic Center
A Historical Treasure with a Bright Future

The APS moved into its new home in May of 2004. This amazing historical complex is made up of 18 buildings on seven acres and is entered in the National Register of Historical Places. Much of the former industrial complex was constructed under the direction of the Pennsylvania Match Factory (1899-1922).

Here we have provided links to walk you through our buildings' history and into the place that we now call home:

1899 - 1922

The Pennsylvania Match Company
The match factory is built and match production begins.
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1923 - 1941

The Federal Match Company
Purchased the buildings and continued match production.
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1941 - 1947

Universal Match Corporation
Purchased the complex for the final years of match production. Read history

1947 - 1996

Clasters Lumber
Purchased the complex and used the facility as their headquarters and retail outlet until 1996.


A consortium purchased the complex with hopes of using the facility as a regional brewery. These plans fell through.

2000 - 2002

Borough of Bellefonte
Borough takes ownership of the complex with high hopes of a future renovation.


American Philatelic Society
The APS purchases its new home and our story begins.
Vision for the future
2002 - Phase 1
2003/2004 - Phase 2
2005 - Phase 3
2007/2008 - Phase 4
2010/2011 - Phase 5

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