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For the Future - Campaign for Philately

The Campaign for Philately is the banner under which the APS and APRL jointly conduct fundraising activities. Your donation helps make the American Philatelic Society and American Philatelic Research Library serve the needs of the current members, supports development of new collectors, and enables promotion of the hobby.

APS and APRL operations are funded by dues and service fees. Unless designated otherwise, all gifts help the Society and Library do more than provided for by the budget. Unrestricted donations give us the ability to use the funds where most needed, and are used to meet strategic priorities.

Strategic Priorities

In concordance with our Long Range Plan, Into the Future, the organization’s boards are currently focusing on using donations in three main areas:


Library Completion

Debt Reduction

      Learn more about our Strategic Priorities.

Specific Giving Programs

You may also donate to specific programs.

Hobby Promotion



Mighty Buck (where a $ goes a long way!)

Publications Fund

Library Acquisition


      Learn more about our Specific Programs.

Other Possibilities

While we encourage gifts be directed to one of the above opportunities, gifts may be designated to any APS or APRL program or department. Please do not hesitate to contact Development Office at 814-933-3817 with any questions.

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