American Philatelic Society
Recruiting New Members

Spreading the Word
Place Chapter information cards into stamp magazines (APS, ASDA, and Linn's) and leave them in waiting rooms, senior centers libraries and schools for people to read. The info card includes meeting dates and times, web address and a contact (name, phone number, e-mail, etc.).

Place a club display or exhibit at libraries, post offices, community centers, youth clubs, and senior centers.

Approach a local librarian to set up a stamp activity for children to learn history and geography while also teaching them to look for books on stamp subjects. And publicize the event.

Promote any special events the club has: a stamp show, contests, social outings, visits to schools and other groups. This tells potential new members that the club is active and involved.

The local stamp show is another place to contact non-members. (Ambassador’s job for the chapter and for APS).

Reach out to anyone you meet in a local stamp store and with mailings to prospective members through the list that APS can provide to the club.

Schedule and promote a youth or beginners night. Promote it through social media, schools, church groups, youth centers, etc. Presentations and activities that must be age appropriate, organized, (usually) short, and include activities.

Set up an informational table a local event that is not a stamp show, for example, a coin show, a local historical event, a college or university information event, a Home show, etc.

Arrange to send a speaker or two to community groups such as youth and senior centers, historical clubs, and collectible shows.

If there is an Exchange Student program in your area, invite to speak to the Chapter. This helps members learn about the countries they collect (or may wish to start collecting), they give speaking experience to visiting youth, and you may find young collectors from other countries!

If a member of your Chapter sells stamps online, encourage them to send an APS card with every purchase made.

The treasurer of one Chapter found that many folks did not pay their annual dues. He made name badges that slide into a plastic holder and clip to the shirt. Every year he changes the badge color to easily keep track of who has paid. In order to participate in the auction every meeting they must be a member. Club members complete a card to update information when they pay their dues every year. On the badges, ‘APS MEMBER’ is printed, if they are a member. Non-APS members ask about the APS and they have had 3-4 club members join the APS.

Where the meetings are held may affect attendance and membership. Safety (part of town), parking and convenience should be considered in selecting the location.

Recruiting Tools
Donated supplies – stamps, albums, hinges, and books and journals – can either be used as giveaways or as loans in recruiting new members.

Recruit a club-friendly dealer or two (or former dealers). Members enjoy having direct access to a dealer or two who would be willing to visit monthly, bimonthly, semiannually, or even annually and to bring along a selection of material for sale. The former dealer could also acquire collections for the Chapter to use for meeting ideas and sales.

If someone becomes a life member of APS, make them a life member of the local club.

A comprehensive APS recruiting package is available to all chapters for use at local and regional shows. APS promotional business reply cards also are available for distribution at meetings, at exhibitions, or in chapter mailings.

One year’s free dues or the equivalent credit can be earned by chapters for every five new APS members sponsored during a calendar year. The APS also can help a chapter recruit new members. Upon request, the APS makes available the names and addresses of APS members residing in the locale served by the chapter.

APS chapter members can take advantage of using a free annual eblast for their local stamp show or for a spread mailing for recruiting members.

Special pricing is available to clubs to purchase mailing lists to promote membership or invite local APS members to your next show.

Advertise your upcoming club meeting or stamp show with flyers provided online from APS in 8½-inch-by-11-inch format. Also, register club activities with online calendars, often supported by television, radio and newspaper outlets, as well as local chambers or visitor’s bureaus.

Chapter APS members’ spouses who are active in your Chapter might be candidates for APS associate membership for which dues is half the regular member dues rate.

For new APS members, clubs can check the new applicant list.

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