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Thanks for selling on At times we have special messages and updates to share with sellers and we want to keep these messages in a central location to refer back to or to guide new sellers to. Feel free to submit questions or suggestions to share in this area. Click here to submit questions/suggestions.

Date Update Type Description
04/17 NEW Frequently Asked Questions page has been added view FAQ.
03/17 NEW Want List feature launched - buyers can now be notified when items matching their interests are posted to StampStore see details.
09/09/16 NEW New Premium Item Designation for StampStore Sellers: StampStore currently has more than 300,000 items for sale. We have buyers for all types of material — for those looking for the higher-end material we have released a new “Premium Item” designation signified by a crown icon. See details for premium item qualifications and how to material for this new designation.
08/28/16 Helpful Tip When Affixing mounts with tape – we recommend the use of the mounts sold by the APS (see mount order details). However, if you choose to use other mounts and it requires any use of tape – please use Scotch® Magic™ Tape. It is photo safe and with its gentle adhesive you can stick and re-stick which allows for easy peel off so the stamps will not get damaged when trying to remove the mount from the submission sheet.
08/28/16 Helpful Tip Advertise Your StampStore material to promote your sales – All sellers have a seller ID which can be found in your MyStamps area. Sellers are now advertising through the AP Classifieds as well as other places that they sell on StampStore and to view their items simply visit and enter their seller ID at the bottom of the page! It’s that easy. Sample Classified ad: " StampStore Seller ID 502981 Italian Colonies, British Colonies, Worldwide"
08/28/16 Additions New Search Feature – To improve search capability, we recently rearranged our search page as well as added an additional search capability for “Posted Between Dates”. This will allow buyers to pick a date for when they left off viewing items and it will allow sellers to view their material within certain date ranges – a seller can simply enter a date range, enter your seller ID at the bottom of the screen, and search!
07/13/16 Additions StampStore Sales Reports Available
12/15/15 Additions StampStore Sellers can cut prices - see instructions
11/12/15 Additions Sellers should review the Pricing Guidelines and Mounting Tips, items should be fully described with faults noted and mounted securely. Poor submissions result in returns.
6/13/15 Additions New "Search Tips" page added
- to help buyers find your stamps, we have created a Search Tips page.
6/1/15 Additions New Search by Seller ID!
- Each seller has been assigned a unique seller ID which is located in your MyStamps area right beneath your name. However, identities will still remain anonymous unless of course you wish to advertise your seller id. Many sellers want to use Stampstore like their own online store and advertise – so this feature is the answer! Sellers who wish to advertise their StampStore items can now include in their ads “visit, enter Seller ID #XXXXXX (along with any other specific search criteria if they have thousands of items) – to view my stamps for sale”. It will be like having your own online store!.
5/21/15 Change Seller Proceeds paid in 37 rather than 30
- As you know we have a 30 day buyer return policy and up to this point many buyers felt that meant they had until the 30th day to initiate the return. To keep our buyers happy, we want to honor that and to do so we need to push the proceeds to pay sellers out to 37 days. This will allow the buyer time to get the return to us and processed. Happy buyers equals happy sales for our sellers - so we felt this was a good compromise.
5/21/15 Change Expertizing Fee Adjusted
- a change has been made so that items cannot be expertized for buyer during check out unless item has a selling value of $50 or more. Reason - if items were returned from APEX not as described, sellers were being charged the $25 expertizing fee for items that only had a selling price of $25 - thus the change.
5/6/15 Seller Guidance Seller input needed for Stamp Returns and Extension
- if you have not done so already, please complete this online form to advise handling of your extensions and returns. We are attempting to streamline the monthly process of returning expired material that has exceeded the two and three year periods.
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