American Philatelic Society
Show e-blasts

The American Philatelic Society will send out one e-mail message per year for any World Series of Philately show (including those currently in the accreditation process), chapter or affiliate per the following guidelines:
E-blast policy (pdf format)

All messages must be targeted to a subset of the membership based on geography or collecting interests.

The Society does not release e-mail addresses and will not send e-mail to any member who has requested that they not receive e-mail from the Society.

The club, affiliate, or World Series show should submit suggested text to in an electronic format 30 days prior to the desired mailing date which must be provided (but is not guaranteed). The text may not exceed 200 words and is subject to editing.

For shows or bourses the text must indicate the number of confirmed dealers and frames or pages of exhibits (if any). The text must include the name and address of an event venue, the hours, and any admission or parking costs. Any financial gain from the event must accrue to the sponsoring chapter or affiliate and not an individual or commercial business. It is recommended that information is provided on whether or not there will be a postal substation and a special cancel.

The text must provide a source for additional information, ideally a website or email address, but at least a phone number.

For events, e-mails will be sent to APS members based on their postal code within a standard radius. For chapters, e-mails will be sent to members within a radius of 50 miles unless the e-mail is for an event with more than 10 dealers in which case a radius of 100 miles may be requested. The same radii will apply for affiliate events. For World Series show a radius of up to 200 miles will be allowed. E-mails will not be sent for local or regional events on the same dates as a WSP show within the 200 mile radius.

The e-mail blast will be provided free of charge for World Series of Philately shows. The charge for e-mail messages for chapters and affiliates is $25 for messages sent to a 50 mile radius and $50 for messages sent to a 100 mile radius. Prepayment may be required.

If two or more shows with similar show dates and within the same radius request an e-blast, the APS may choose to send out one combined e-blast covering both shows.

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