American Philatelic Society

Specific Programs

We welcome donations designated to specific programs. The below list is the current programs we are focusing on.

Hobby Promotion

The first of our five purposes is to promote stamp collecting to people of all ages. Few hobbies appeal to such a broad age range, require no special physical skills, can be enjoyed year around regardless of the weather, and offer relaxation, enjoyment and even a monetary return. Unfortunately, as the volume of mail and use of stamps declines stamp collecting does not get the attention it did when Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delanor Roosevelt were U.S. president and APS members.

With the support of the United States Postal Service, we normally obtain television and billboard coverage of our annual StampShow. We work with other organizations such as the National Postal Museum to sponsor activities such as a Congressional exhibit in Washington, DC and creation of a national speakers bureau. Social media offers new opportunities, but additional resources are needed to expand our efforts.


Our educational focus qualifies us as IRS recognized non-profit organizations. In addition to having the foremost public philatelic library and the number one philatelic journal, other major efforts include the development of lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom, on-line and on the road seminars, creation and distribution of audiovisual programs, free downloadable album pages which provide the background on stamps, and provision of space and equipment for organizations and individuals to have seminars at our shows.


While children who start a collection rarely continue uninterrupted, multiple studies show that most stamp collectors have been exposed to the hobby as a youth. The APS offers several major programs to introduce the hobby to youth. The internet based Young Stamp Collectors of America (YSCA) provides a downloadable newsletter, monthly internet chat sessions and occasional in person meetings. Our All?Star Stamp Club Program provides materials and support to the leaders of school-based stamp clubs. Club members also receive birthday cards and stamps. The Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship provides support for youth collectors who have been identified as having potential to be future hobby leaders. The APS also provides stamps and materials for clubs to use at special events and stamp shows.

Mighty Buck

The Mighty Buck Club provides an affordable opportunity to make a BIG difference. We wanted a campaign where we could show our members that donations even in small amounts pooled together can provide much needed funds to improve APS/APRL services and support the hobby. See details.

Publication Fund

While we are blessed to have many books on stamp collecting, most philatelic publications have relatively small print runs and are not inexpensive. The Publication fund allows the APS to consider first rate works which might otherwise be too expensive to attract a widespread audience. It may also be used for APS to acquire rights to key literature which can then be made available free of charge in a digital format.

Library Acquisition

The American Philatelic Research Library has over 20,000 book titles, holdings of over 5,000 philatelic journals, thousands of auctions catalogs, and many postal documents. Virtually the entire collection exists thanks to the generosity of our membership. In a typical year less than $1,000 is available for acquisition of new books.


Many charities rely extensively on endowments to guarantee the future availability of their programs and services. Unfortunately, the APS and APRL don’t have such a luxury. Donations to our Endowment funds are often made in memory or in honor of collectors guaranteeing that the gift will generate money to help the organizations in perpetuity.

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