American Philatelic Society

Tom Horn,
APEX Director
ext. 205

Quick ID Fees:

plus $5 per scanned item (APS member price),

or $10 per scanned item (non-APS member price)


Quick I.D.
Or Expertizing?

Which Service
do I use?

Quick I. D. Is Information

Quick I.D. provides basic information from an image of a stamp. We usually can provide the country or issuing entity, design type, catalogue number, and approximate value, but the opinion is not guaranteed.

Expertizing is Protection

Expertizing is appropriate to protect your investment and avoid financial loss or disappointment. Expertizing provides a guaranteed opinion detailing a stamp's
identity and condition.



Stamp Identification

Please note that this service will be discontinued on January 31, 2019. With this announcement, we anticipate a large number of submissions in the last half of January. The result will be delays in answering your questions about the items you submit.

Quick I.D. can help identify that stamp. This is a quick identification service for items not normally listed in the standard postage catalogues, such as foreign revenue stamps, charity labels, local stamps, etc. Please note that it is not an official opinion of authenticity as offered by our American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX).

After January 31, 2019, we suggest checking with local dealers. and local clubs for help with difficult-to-identify items. Another ID service can be accessed at

You may submit as many items as you want, but please, send only one item per scan. Blocks, covers, or sheets will be counted as a single item. Sets of stamps may be submitted in a single scan, but the opinion will usually apply to one stamp in that set.

Scan your stamps in .gif or jpg format,

image quality should be at least 200 dpi,

save the images to a folder that you will remember when uploading

When scanning a philatelic item for identification, remember to take it out of its protective glassine cover. Otherwise the image will be distorted.

For items from the Internet, simply copy the image and save it in a folder; from there you can treat it like a scanned image.


Once Your Items are Submitted:

Within four working days you will receive an email with a link to your Quick I.D. report. We will not expertize any item without actually examining it in person, but it is surprising how much you can tell about a stamp or cover from a good scan. If questions about the authenticity of an item arise from viewing the scan, we will recommend that you submit the piece to APEX for a definitive opinion on its genuineness or condition.

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