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Step-by-step instructions on how to create and post a video to YouTube without using a video camera — by Janet Klug

How to make a video on YouTube with a camera or web cam.

PowerPoint to YouTube using Windows Movie Maker

PowerPoint to YouTube using Mac iMovie

Stamp YouTubes

The list below offers short YouTube videos related to APS How To's, stamp collecting or featuring philatelic material. You may also subscribe to the APS You Tube Channel or if you have a stamp related YouTube you may request a link on this page.

Available Stamp YouTubes in Order by Topic


Quick ID - Review how to submit an item

Organize and Maintain your personal library

Library Catalog Tutorial

StampShow Web Site

StampStore How-To Search

Website Review - MyAccount Tab

APS Info/Goverance

America's Stamp Club

APS Services

FDC Rose & Tulip Stamps - at AmeriStamp Expo Feb. 2015

Tiffany Dinner - at StampShow 2014, Hartford CT

Exhibit and Presentation Techniques: A Walking Tour of Noteworthy Examples on the Exhibit Floor at APS StampShow 2014

Stamp Collecting Basics

How to Hinge Mount Postage Stamps

How to Detect Watermarks

How to Mount Postage Stamps

How to Use a Perforation Gauge

Controlling Your Collection, Keith Stupell

All About Precancels

You Can Collect the World

Stamp Collecting Destinations

American Philatelic Center Tour

NPM's William H. Gross Stamp Gallery

Stamp Production

Elements of Postal Security - New to Site - posted 12/25/13

Printing Postage Stamps (Smithsonian National Postal Museum)

Production of Stamps

Peter Goodwin Paper Repair

First Day Ceremonies/Unveilings

Inverted Jenny Reissue - January 2013

Wedding Cake - January 2013

Famous Stamps

100 Greatest American Stamps (Janet Klug & Donald Sundman - Maynard Sundman Lecture 2008)

Inverted Jenny


Allied Military Government (AMG) Travel Permit Stamps used after WWII

Discover Peru with Stamps

I Love Paris

I Love Paris II

Introduction to the Stamps of Vatican City

Japanese Stamps

Juarez, Maximilian and the Guadalajara Provisionals Stamps

Tribute to Piaf and Stamps of France

United States Stamps & First Day Covers

Postal History

All American Aviation : Airmail Pick-up

"Catching" the Mail From a Railway Post Office (RPO) Car

Due to the Civil War: Creation of Revenue Stamps

Flying Zeppelin Mail

Former RPO Clerk Catches the Mail Again

Mail from Atolls, Enclaves...

U.S. Naval Mission to Brazil

Westtown Local, Bill Schultz

The Zeppelin Mail Drop over Flensburg, Germany, 1924


African Americans

Around the World in 24 Hip Hops - Year of the Rabbit 1999

The Aquarium - with Stamps!

Black Heritage Stamp Bronze Winning Exhibit

Carnival of the Animals

A Cat's Stamp of Approval

Christmas Stamp Art

Civil War Depicted on Stamps

Cold Mountain - Philatelic Movie Props (2004 movie about the Civil War

Collect Movie Star Fan Mail

Cool Stamps

Deanna Durbin: A Philatelic Journey

Dogs on Stamps

Have You Seen My Teddy Bear?

Honey – How Sweet It is. Autumn Hanley, Exhibit

Indigenous Peoples of the World - on Stamps

Insect Alphabet on Stamps

Olympics - Winter Games Put a Stamp on Sports

Philatelic Alphabet Zoo

Philatelic Movie Props with a German Theme or Flavor

Post Horn Fanfare

Presidents of the United States

Star Spangled Banner & U.S. Flag Stamps

Trains and Stamps

U.S. Presidents on Stamps

Winter Games


Videogame Stamps


Challenges in Literature Exhibiting and Judging

Digitization of US Postal Documents

Expertizing/Fakes & Forgeries

Computer Assisted Expertizing

First International Symposium


Judges Feedback Forum - AmeriStamp Expo 2013

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