American Philatelic Society

Stamps Teach

The Stamps Teach program of the American Philatelic Society provides information and resources to K – 12 educators in a wide variety of content areas. The goal of the Stamps Teach program is to develop and share standards-based learning activities that use philatelic artifacts as instructional tools.

Digital Readers

The APS has free, downloadable books that provide opportunities for teaching and practicing close reading skills.

Symbols of America as Told by Stamps is a 24-page informational text for use in grades 4 – 8. Read about the symbols and view the images found on postage stamps that provide a visual history of the people and events that shaped the United States.

Postage Stamp Token Economy Initiative

A token economy system can be used by classroom teachers to encourage appropriate student behavior through the use of positive reinforcement. The APS Postage Stamp Token Economy Initiative provides teachers with used postage stamps to utilize as tokens for promoting positive behavior and academic achievement.

To encourage classroom teachers to begin a Postage Stamp Token Economy, the American Philatelic Society will provide classroom teachers with a box of used postage stamps to help get them started. See the PDF below for a full description of the program and for a “How To” on how to get a Postage Stamp Token Economy started in your classroom.

Lesson Plans

Free downloadable lesson plans, preschool through high school, in a wide variety of content areas (English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, fine arts).

Learning Activities

Free downloadable learning activities for children of all ages.

U.S. Symbols and Landmarks
- Printable game (grades K-5).

Presidential Crossword Puzzle
- Printable game (grades K-5).

Stamp Denominations
- Printable game (grades K-5).

My Stamp Story
- Printable game (grades K-5).

Pumpkin Stamp Maze
- Printable activity for grades 1-3.

Pumpkin Stamp Matching
- Printable activity for grades K–1.

Pumpkin Stamp Finish the Pattern
- Printable activity for grades K–3.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Readers Theater
- Narrative fiction in a reader’s theater format for grades 4–8.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Readers Theater
- Classroom activities and reproducible materials.

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