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Union Catalog Record Types

When in doubt, do not specify a record type in your search. Each library uses different record types, and some record types overlap – for example, some libraries may label auction catalog records as books. See below for tips on using record types to narrow your search.

If you are interested in searching only journal articles, enter “article” in the record type box and select “All Libraries and Indexes” from the drop-down box.

To find information about a journal, including the library’s holdings, enter “journal” in the record type box.

To find books and catalogs, enter “book”.

The following record types are used in the catalog:
The libraries that use each type are listed in parentheses. For more information about the collections of libraries in the union catalog, see About the Philatelic Union Catalog.

Archive (APRL)

Article (most article records have no location code)

Auction catalog (APRL, NWPL)

Auction house (APRL)

Book (all libraries)


Computer Disk (RMPL)


Exhibit (APRL, SCC)

Government Document (APRL)

Hines Air Mail Collection (APRL)

Journal (APRL, CCNY, NWPL, PHF, Spellman)


Pamphlet (Spellman, WPL)

Periodicals (RMPL)

Presentation (PHF)

Videocassette (RMPL)

Visual Material (NWPL, PHF, RMPL, SCC, Spellman)

Web site (APRL)

Library codes:

APRL = American Philatelic Research Library

CCNY = Collectors Club (NY)

CCC = Collectors Club of Chicago

Greene = Greene Foundation

NWPL = Northwest Philatelic Library

PHF = Postal History Foundation

RMPL = Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library

RPSL = Royal Philatelic Society London

SCC = Scandinavian Collectors Club Library

Spellman = Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History

WPL = Western Philatelic Library

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