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Daniel W. Vooys Fellow

Daniel W. Vooys was once called Mr. Philatelic Literature by George W. Linn, founder of Linn’s Stamp Weekly. Dan believed that philatelic literature was indispensable for the serious philatelist. In honor of his dedication to our library, the Vooys Fellows distinction was started in 2007. Read more about Daniel's philatelic achievements.

Help support the American Philatelic Research Library - by becoming a Daniel W. Vooys Fellow. Those who donate $5,000 payable over five years are recognized as Vooys Fellows.

Vooys Fellow Privileges include:

A vote for Founder/Patron representative on APRL Board of Trustees

Opportunity to run for Founder/Patron representative
on Board of Trustees

Your name on a Vooys Fellow plaque in the APRL

Lifetime subscription to the Philatelic Literature Review

A personal Vooys Fellow plaque


To become a Vooys Fellow, print and complete the Vooys Request Form or contact Librarian Tara Murray for more information 814 933-3803 ext. 246.

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