American Philatelic Society

What to Collect?

A stamp collection can be whatever you want it to be!

Your stamps can be mint or used.

Mint — New stamps that have never been used.

Used — Stamps that have served their intended purpose of carrying the mail.

How do you want to collect? Two popular ways of collecting are topical or country.

Topical Collecting — In this type of collecting you gather stamps, envelopes, postmarks, etc., related to one specific topic. Animals, birds, flowers, ships, space, scouts, Disney, and sports are just a few of the topics you can collect.

Country Collecting — You may choose to collect stamps from the country where you or your ancestors were born. You may have a special interest in a country because you, a parent, or a friend visited that country.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING about stamp collecting is that YOUR COLLECTION is FUN FOR YOU!

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