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Why Expertize?

To avoid financial loss and disappointment

To have a warranty of genuineness

To have proper identificaton of paper, color, watermark and grills

To know if a stamp is never hinged or has been regummed or had a cancel removed.

To know if a stamp has been repaired or has hidden flaws

To know if an item has been reperforated or perfs have been trimmed to resemble a coil or imperforate stamp.

It is easier to sell an item that has a certificate attesting to its genuineness.

The failure to obtain some type of warranty on the genuineness of items all too often leads to financial loss and resentment.

Stamp Authentication

Serving the Philatelic Community Since 1903

The American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX) offers opinions on the genuineness of philatelic material at moderate cost. APEX utilizes the services of more than 120 specialists and a variety of high-tech equipment to provide guaranteed opinions.

Anyone may submit material to the service, but APS members receive discounted rates. See the Expertizing Fee Table.

The APEX Guarantee

The APS will compensate the owner of a philatelic item that has been wrongly certified as genuine or misidentified by an APEX certificate. For full details read The APEX Guarantee.

More Information

Rules and Regulations
How to Submit an Item
Expertizing Application Form download for a single item submission - if have multiple items for expertizing, please email or call to have forms mailed to you (814) 933-3803 ext. 206
How To Use APEX (Article from June 2010 AP)
View your APEX submissions
Become an Expert

An average of 615 items are submitted to the committee each month!
Since the service was established
more than 210,000 items have been examined.

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