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This listing of philatelic periodicals is taken from a work-in-progress on the philatelic periodicals of the world. The project aims to update and expand listings in the book "American Philatelic Periodicals," published in 1978.

We began the project by incorporating the titles from the George Turner bequest to the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, National Postal Museum Branch. Once these materials were added to the 1978 work, we expanded the project to cover philatelic periodicals world-wide.

Our goal is to have one list of the world's periodicals from the beginning to the present, in alphabetical order. We are striving to make this document as easy to use as possible, both bibliographically and typographically. The section presenet here was as of June 1996. We invite your comment.

A special note of thanks goes to the staff members of the American Philatelic Research Library for their patience and understanding.


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Oct. October
Phc. Philatelic
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v. vol.


The periodical literature of philately contains many journals of high standards as well as those of little merit. This work summarizes the periodicals published over the past one-hundred years or so. The basic bibliographic information on the periodicals is given. No comments are made on the relative merits of the journals.

The early philatelic periodicals of the world through 1911 were summarized magnificently by E.D. Bacon in the "Crawford Catalogue." All entries contained in that work, and many others, have been used to produce this work. In addition to the references cited, the author has tried to see the original work where it was possible. Unfortunately, many of the journals have not been preserved in the various libraries and are lost. Every reader is urged to make sure that some journal he is familiar with is preserved.

The basic bibliographic data contained in this work are:

  1. Title
  2. Place of publication
  3. Publisher
  4. Starting month and year
  5. Ending month and year
  6. Starting volume and number
  7. Ending volume and number
  8. Whole number range
  9. Series number or name
  10. Notes on content
  11. Notes on successors and predecessors
  12. Reference where entry first noted or major information found

All of this information is arranged according to the following general format:


The reference number (#####) precedes each entry and uniquely identifies it. This reference number is used to refer backward or forward to predecessors or successors. It the number has an asterisk(*) after it is considered incomplete is so way. It may be a missing month of publication, or other information need to complete the entry.

Some entries include question marks to indicate that data are missing or unknown to the author or are of questionable validity. The reader's help is solicited in filling in the necessary information; please use the coupon at the end of the indices.

The entries in the bibliographic tables are arranged alphabetically under the first word, other than an article, of the title. The exact title of the publication as it appears on the publication is given. This includes any leading articles such as "the."

The place or places of publication are given. In general, only the first place of publication is given if the journal is no longer published, and the first and current places of publication are given if it is still being published. If two or more are given, they are separated by a slash (/)

As in the case of places of publication, all publishers of journals are given.

The dates of publication, the volume number, and the issue number are given next. In many cases the early journals were not numbered for many issues.

The final or ending volume number and ending issue numbers are given. Note that if a journal changed names or merged with another, the current entry terminates and a new one is started.

The number of whole numbers is given where it could be reasonably calculated. In general, the number of whole numbers is a reflection of how many individual issues of the journal exist, but not in every case. Many instances of double, and even triple numbers exist. There are even repeated numbers and missing ones that confound the situation.

A number of minor notes are made concerning the various periodicals. If there was more than one series, it is noted. In a number of cases, the journals contained primarily advertisements, were only partly philatelic in content, or consisted only of a prospectus. As noted above, the reference number is used to indicate successor and predecessor periodicals. The phrase "Continued as #####." is used to indicate a successor publication.

The authors welcomes constructive suggestions on the format of the work, the arrangement of material, and the omission of material.

A correction sheet is provided at the end of the work. It may be used to inform the author of any needed corrections. A copy of the title or title pages of the journal in question would also be helpful.

Table 1. Reference Codes (Ref:) used in Bibliographic Tables

Num Ref: Reference
11 AP American Philatelist
1 APC American Philatelic Congress Book
661 APRL Americal Philatelic Research Library
400 BYNE Byne's personal data base
1213 CCNY Collectors Club of New York
37 CD Collectors' Digest
35 CHK Checklist 1906
3007 CR1 Crawford Catalogue
81 CR2 Crawford Supplement
111 CSA Conferate Stamp Aliance
3 FLP Free Library of Philadelphia
382 HAMB Hamburg Library
2 HARRIS Harris Index
28 HUYS Huys auctions
199 JPL Journal of Philatelic Literature Society
1 KAY Kay literature sale
525 KIM Kimball literature sale
23 KIN King literature sale
1 LN Literatur Nachrichten
2 LUF Luff literature sales
41 MCCR Mc Cready
356 MOND Billig's Mondial
624 MUN Munich Library
2 NAST Nast
74 NPM National Postal Museum
6 NST New Serial Titles
5 PA Philatelic Almanac
75 PFA Philately from Australia
208 PLR Philatelic Literature Review
310 PL1 Philatelic Literature Review
56 POSTMUSEUM Postmuseum Sweden
435 PTTSZ Switzerland PTT Library
256 Ricketts Rickketts Note on Turner cards
186 RIC Ricketts Annual Reports
1 RIT Ritzman literature sale
42 ROY Royal Library Stockholm
26 S Stamps
70 SA Public Library Johannesburg
70 SCO Stamp Monthly Journal
30 TIF Tiffany Stamp Col. Library Comp.
8 TIF1 Tiffany Stamp Col. Library Comp. Addenda
1693 TUR Turner index cards
201 UKFED Association of British Philatelic Societies
140 VOST Van Cott
2 WAR Ward literature sale
50 WRK W.R. King index cards

Table 2. Number of Periodicals by Country

**Not Known** 27
Albania 2
Algeria 4
Andorra 1
Argentina 115
Australia 138
Austria 200
Belgium 146
Belize 1
Bermuda 1
Bolivia 6
Brazil 100
Bulgaria 14
Burma 1
Canada 460
Cayman Islands 1
Chile 42
China 25
Colombia 30
Costa Rica 15
Cuba 38
Cyprus 5
Czechoslovakia 35
Denmark 47
Dominican Republic 19
Ecuador 17
Egypt 15
El Salvador 1
Ethiopia 1
Fiji 3
Finland 11
France 422
Germany 1565
Gibraltar 1
Greece 38
Greenland 1
Guadeloupe 1
Guam 1
Guatemala 7
Guyana 10

Table 2. Number of Periodicals by Country (continued)

Halti 1
Hong Kong 7
Hungary 47
Iceland 1
India 70
Indonesia 1
Iran 4
Israel 7
Italy 224
Jamaica 9
Japan 46
Kenya 2
Libya 3
Liechtenstein 3
Luxembourg 16
Madagascar 2
Malawi 1
Malaysia 8
Mali 1
Malta 8
Mauritania 2
Mauritius 1
Mexico 44
Morocco 1
Mozambique 2
Nepal 1
Netherlands 206
Netherlands Antilles 2
New Caledonia 1
New Zealand 48
Nicaragua 2
Nigeria 1
North Korea 4
Norway 22
Pakistan 3
Panama 2
Papua New Guinea 8
Paraguay 4
Peru 17
Philippines 14
Poland 38
Portugal 92
Puerto Rico 1

Table 2. Number of Periodicals by Country (continued)

Reunion 1
Rhodesia 1
Romania 42
San Marino 5
Saudi Arabia 1
Solomon Islands 1
South Africa 54
South Korea 5
Spain 136
Sri Lanka 12
Sweden 161
Switzerland 205
Taiwan 6
Thailand 1
Trinidad and Tobago 7
Tunisia 2
Turkey 22
United Kingdom 1423
United States 5956
Uruguay 8
Vanuatu 1
Venezuela 14
Yugoslavia 20

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