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Help With Exhibiting

Welcome to Exhibiting, Article by Tom Fortunato

An Introduction to Thematic Exhibiting, Article by Tom Fortunato, along with a master list of philatelic elements as mentioned in the article

We have educational courses to help you learn to exhibit.

Our show calendar will help you identify events where you can exhibit.

Our Judging Manual is available for download and provides the criteria which the judges must use in evaluating an exhibit.

Seminars that judges are required to take may help you more fully understand the criteria in the Judging Manual. 1) Treatment and Importance; 2) Knowledge, Condition, Rarity & Presentation; 3) How to Use the Uniform Exhibit Evaluation Form

And lists of the award winners of national level shows are also available.

Other References to Assist you:

American Topical Association

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors

Women Exhibitors

Chapter Activities Committee - list of online exhibits.

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