American Philatelic Society

Multiple Person Circuits

Most common circulated to members grouped by zip code. Use the Circuit Request Form.


Previously circulated books are discounted and sold on a buy-all-or-nothing basis. - Request form

Direct Individual Circuits

You may receive direct individual circuits. They are sent on-demand and cost an additioal $5. ...More details...

Local Club Circuits

APS chapter clubs may request sales circuits for their meetings. The circuit categories are based on the interests of the club's members. More details..

Special Club Circuit Insurance is available for coverage while the books are in your possession.

APS Visitors

For members traveling in the Central Pennsylvania area and stopping at APS headquarters, the in-house inventory is available for browsing and purchasing. The 5% buyers fee and $2 insurance is waived on all in-house purchases.

Buying Thru Circuit Mail Sales

Circuit Mail Sales is a members only service offering buyers a hands-on shopping experience through the mail which allows them to examine the stamps BEFORE they purchase. The service is limited to U.S. member. All material being sold is owned by APS members.

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6 Simple Steps to a Better Stamp Collection:
  1. Select your Areas of Interest - Select the categories (country, topic, etc.) for which to receive circuits. Click Circuit Request Form and also complete a one time Buyer's Next of Kin Contact Form.
  2. Get assigned to a "multiple circuit" - Based on your zip code you will be assigned to a circuit list for each category you select. Names will be added in order of receipt with up to ten names per circuit.
  3. Purchase a rubber stamp - You may write your APS # and initials in purchase spaces but a rubber stamp is more secure and legible. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a rubber stamp to mark the spaces in the sales book where you remove a stamp or cover for purchase. A rubber stamp impression should fit within a one-inch square space and should contain your APS # and initials or last name. Search the web for sites that offer one inch rubber stamps at a minimal cost. Discount Rubber Stamps offer the Excelmark 9022-B and 9022-D which may be good options for only $6.99. **(Again remember the stamp should be no larger than 1 inch x 1 inch).
  4. Receive Sales Books and Make purchases - Circuits are sent several times a year depending on the popularity and availability of the categories. The first person on the list will receive the sales books, purchase desired items, and mark the vacant spaces with his/her personal stamp. Circuits may be retained for a MAXIMUM of 7 days. If forwarded promptly, each circuit will complete its round in 6 to 15 weeks.
  5. Submit Payment - A special report sheet is included in the package for each member on the circuit. This sheet is used to document purchases and to submit payment directly to the APS. If you misplaced the sheet or did not receive one with your circuit, click here to print one for remitting your payment.
  6. Forward the Circuit to the Next Person - Within seven (7) days you should forward the circuit to the next person via USPS Priority Flat-Rate with USPS Tracking and keep your tracking receipt.
    • If you receive the circuit in a small Priority flat rate box, obtain one free from the post office to forward the circuit. If you received it in one of our boxes in a Priority flat rate padded envelope, obtain these envelopes free from your post office.
    • Use the appropriate address label provided to mail it to the next address on the circuit list.
    • Send each shipment to the next person using Priority Flat-Rate with USPS Tracking (tracking is at no additional charge when using Priority flat-rate mailers). Be sure to get a receipt containing the tracking number and keep it with your records. Should the package become lost, this is your proof of mailing to the next person and relinquishes your responsibility of the material.

    Detailed instructions, rules, and other information are printed in each sales book.

Still have questions?

Below are a few questions that are frequently asked. Simply click on the question to see the answer. Or feel free to contact our staff by calling (814) 933-3803 ext. 231 or by email

If I request a category for circuits, what countries or areas might be in the circuits I receive?

How many times a year will I receive circuits?

How many categories may I request?

If I receive more than one circuit within a couple of days, can I have a few more days to handle them?

What do I need to do to keep the circuits from arriving during my vacation?

What are my costs of receiving these circuits?

What is the Insurance Fund Fee and does it cover a circuit while in my possession?

How do I drop circuit categories from my list?

What is the 5% Buyers Fee and are clubs required to pay this fee?


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