American Philatelic Society

President: Dick Anderson -- [email protected]

Vice-President: George McKay -- [email protected]

Secretary: Cliff Irving -- [email protected]

Treasurer: Dina Furlong -- [email protected]

Club History

After surviving Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Chuck Manchester returned to the south shore of Massachusetts. He began searching for a stamp club in the area. Finding none in our immediate area, he contacted the APS and requested a list of stamp collectors in southeastern Massachusetts. Chuck sent out about seventy letters to APS members in the area. A handful responded, so we began as a group of five or so. As some might say, it was a strong wind that brought us together!

Over the next few months we met and got to know each other. Almost at once we decided that joining another club seemed impractical, so why not start our own. Those few agreed to call the new organization the Plymouth Rock Stamp Club. We wanted a name that would be easily recognizable and related to our beautiful and historic surroundings. We took an image of the famous rock as our logo.

In 2006, what started out as four or five members attending most meetings became a close knit band of collectors and accumulators. We first met at Chuck's home. Then we found the clubhouse at a mobile home park. Slowly we added a member or two. We had begun by viewing the APS monthly circuits. Sales were slim those first couple of years, and we struggled to make ends meet.

We were introduced to John Kaczorowski from the Golden Bee Club from Marshfield. John invited the club to join the United Stamp Societies (USS). We began receiving USS sales circuits, and we built up our sales as well as our membership. We moved our meeting location to the Plymouth Public Library. This has worked out very well, and we feel at home there--and, more recently, at the Kingston Library.

One of our most successful group activities is our bookmarks. That may sound fairly unexciting, but they are extremely sought after. I think its safe to say we have made and given away thousands over the past seven plus years. It has also further bonded us with the library staff and patrons. We have our name and contact information on each of the laminated bookmarks.

Club By-Laws

Click here to view the Club By-Laws.

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