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We are pleased to offer substantial content on general questions and challenges that collectors routinely experience. Please contact us with other subjects you would like to see covered.

How do I remove self-adhesive stamps from envelopes? - Through the 1990s, with the increasing numbers of self-adhesive stamps being issued came an increase in the dissatisfaction of collectors who couldn't find acceptable ways of successfully removing them from paper. Watch a video or read an article on how one APS member solved the problem. Also read the follow-up article - Please note that caution should be used when using any type of chemical.

Understanding Auctions - Auctions are a very popular way to buy and sell stamps; but they may not always be the best option. We provide some advice to help you with understanding the auction process as a buyer or seller at auction.

Preservation and Care of Philatelic Items - here you will find 28 preservation and care tips. Tips range from dealing with scotch tape on philatelic items to water mark detectors. You know what they say; scotch tape should remain in the kitchen and should never be seen in the stamp den.

Useful Links - We have provided a gathering of links we feel may help you - either as a beginner, an expert or just looking for some general information.

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