American Philatelic Society

Fellowship Tracks

Upon acceptance into the highly selective YPLF program, Fellows receive an overview of four different paths that they can explore during their fellowship year and then choose a specific track upon which to focus. In each track, Fellows work with a mentor to learn more about philatelic writing (Author Track), designing a museum-style exhibition (Curator Track), the world of the stamp dealer (Dealer Track), designing philatelic material (Designer Track), or exhibiting stamps and covers (Exhibiting Track). A year-long project is produced from within the chosen track and a presentation at StampShow will culminate the experience.

Sample Author Track Activities

Choose a philatelic topic and write an article for publication in a philatelic magazine.

Create a multimedia presentation on a philatelic topic.

Sample Curator Track Activities

Research elements of an engaging museum exhibition.

Analyze actual museum exhibitions.

Develop and display an engaging, museum-style exhibition.

Sample Dealer Track Activities

Learn about how stamps and other philatelic materials are valued.

Price and package philatelic materials to sell at a national stamp show.

Create a presentation on the best way to market philatelic material.

Sample Design Track Activities

Identify effective cachet design elements.

Hand-draw and digitally produce cachets of your own design.

Design a postage stamp and place it on a self-designed cover.

Sample Exhibitor Track Activities

Choose a stamp topic and build a stamp exhibit that tells its story.

Display an exhibit at StampShow.

Create a presentation describing the exhibiting experience.

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