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Other Philatelic Libraries

Although the American Philatelic Research Library located at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, is one of the world’s largest and most accessible collections of philatelic literature, there may be libraries closer to where you live or which contain specialized collections. These libraries come in a variety of sizes, but all have philatelic literature — sometimes items that can be found nowhere else — available to tempt the researcher.

Philatelic and Postal History Libraries & Archives, includes address, hours, and contact information for all major philatelic libraries in the U.S., selected philatelic libraries around the world, and selected libraries and archives with material of interest to philatelists and postal historians.

Before traveling to visit one of these facilities, we recommend you may call ahead to ensure that there is someone there to assist you. Many of the libraries are staffed only by volunteers or are open to the public only by appointment.

Libraries are increasingly collaborating, and you can now search the holdings of multiple philatelic libraries simultaneously through the Philatelic Union Catalog hosted by the APRL and through the Global Philatelic Library of which the APRL is a founding partner.

We aim to be as complete as possible. Contact Tara Murray with updates and additions.

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