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Aspinwall Connection , The
by Mary Ann (Aspinwall) Owens, 2014?, 3 .pdf files

Awards: Gold, ROPEX 2001.

Description: Exhibited in several versions. The story of the Aspinwall family 1200-1900s. Included are philatelic and non-philatelic materials connected to the Aspinwall men & women who lived in England and the Americas.

Posted 12/12/15

by Phillip J. Stager, 2009, 48 pages (three frames), 11.1 MB

Description: A display division exhibit, organized thematically, telling the story of bamboo and its relations to nature and man. International thematic exhibit of bamboo on stamps, covers, post cards and postmarks.


Bridges on Stamps World Wide
by Frank L. Stahl, 1920-2011, 8 volumes
Stahl's Biography

Description: Collection of bridges on stamps, covers and post cards, assembled by Frank L. Stahl, an engineer who was involved in the design of Philadelphia's Walt Whitman Bridge and New York's Verrazano-Narrows and Throgs Neck bridges, the New York State Thruway and the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. He also supervised a major rehabilitation of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Posted 10/23/12

Building a Nation
by Adam Mangold, 2011, 80 pages (5 frames), 12.6 MB

Awards: Youth Grand and Gold, APS StampShow 2011; and AAPE Youth Champion of Champions, National Topical Stamp Show 2011

Description: A thematic exhibit showing via philatelic elements the creation and expansion of the various parts and territories into the United States of America.


by Phillip J. Stager, 2011, 17 pages (single frame), 4.73 MB

Description: Wonder plant or killer weed, a display type exhibit, organized thematically, that explores the history of the hemp or marijuana plant (Cannabis sp.), its uses by mankind, and its troubled history in the United States. International thematic exhibit of cannabis on stamps, covers, post cards and postmarks.


by Phillip J. Stager, 2011, 66 pages, 18.4 MB

Description: Cleveland: the lakefront and Cuyahoga River 1898-2000. A picture post card tour of the commercial port facilities for passenger, freight, and bulk cargos and waterfront industries for the port of Cleveland, Ohio. The time span begins with the age of the picture postcard and ends with the beginning of the city's renaissance. The exhibit is organized geographically.


Coconuts Part 1

Coconuts Part 2
by Phillip J. Stager, 2012, 136 pages (8 frames), 19.9 MB, 17.6 MB

Description: A study of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) and its relation to man and the environment. Description and history of the coconut palm illustrated by stamps, covers, postcards, cachets and postmarks.

Part 1:
1. Introduction
2. Life Cycle
3. Dispersal
4. Economic Importance
Part 2:
5. Colonial Coconut
6. Decorative, Cultural & Landscape
7. Vacations and Holidays
8. Sunset


Part 1
Part 2

Dates, the Genus Phoenix
by Phillip J. Stager, 2013, 16 pages (single frame), 4.46 MB

Description: A study of the palm genus Phoenix with the emphasis on the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) and its relation to man. Description and history of the date palm illustrated by stamps, covers, postcards, cachets and postmarks.


Elmo Loves Stamp Collecting
by Elmo, pseud., 2012, 16 pages (single frame), 3 MB

Awards: Single Frame Silver award at APS AmeriStamp 2012

Description: Elmo is a 3 1/2 year-old red Muppet monster. (Monster years are not the same as human years). In this exhibit Elmo tells in his own words why he loves stamp collecting. Besides collecting stamps, Elmo loves laughing, friends, helping with chores, learning, music and watching Cookie Monster eat cookies. Elmo hopes this exhibit will make everyone want to collect and exhibit stamps.


Pineapples - Pinas Ananas
by Phillip J. Stager, 2013, 16 pages (single frame), 4.42 MB

Description: The story of the pineapple (Ananas comosus) from its humble origins to a crop of major economic importance and its relation to man. Description and history of the pineapple illustrated by stamps, covers, postcards, cachets and postmarks.


The Royal Palm = La Palma Real
by Phillip J. Stager, 2013, 16 pages (single frame), 4.58 MB

Description: A geographical study of the world's premier landscape palm in nature and in the urban environment. International thematic exhibit of royal palms on stamps, covers, post cards and postmarks.


Shakespeare, The World Is His Stage
by Alexis Kneeland, 2016, 6 frames, 24.1 MB

Awards:Silver, Milcopex 2010; Silver Bronze, Chicagopex 2013

Description: This exhibit explores William Shakespeare, his life, plays and influence through postage stamps, post cards, covers and postmarks.


Posted 01/14/16

Storytelling Ramayana Through Philately
by Deb Briti, 2015 Revised, 1 frame exhibit (5.51 MB)

Description: Description: This thematic exhibit via philatelic elements aims to preserve the oldest continuous tradition of storytelling in the world, and impart group learning skills, along with the moral, spiritual, and cultural dimensions of the epic Ramayana.
Exhibit Plan:
1. History of Ramayana
2. Main characters in Ramayana
3. Festivals related to Ramayana
4. Art and Architectures related to Ramayana
5. Paintings related to Ramayana
6. Cities named after Ramayana characters
7. Technologies related to Ramayana
8. Emblems, flags, and coat-of-arms based on Ramayana characters


Revised 03/15

Woody Guthrie, His Life and Songs
by Stephen L. Suffet, 2014, 10 frame exhibit (2 Adobe Acrobat PDF files, 27.9 MB)

Awards: Gold, APS AmeriStamp 2013; Gold, Ropex 2013 and 2015.

Description: Woody Guthrie (1912-1967) was one of the United States' most influential folk musicians. Among the more than 2500 songs he wrote are such American folk standards as This Land Is Your Land and So Long, It's Been Good to Know You. In 1998, the U.S. Postal Service finally honored Woody on a stamp, after a decade long campaign organized by his family, friends, and fans. This Display Division exhibit tells the story of Woody's life and illustrates some of his song lyrics with stamps, covers, postal stationery, and other philatelic material, enhanced by various non-philatelic items.


Posted 01/30/16

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