American Philatelic Society

Tiffany Donor

Members who donate $1000 or more within four calendar years are recognized as Tiffany Donors and continue with this distinction as long as they continue to give the Society or Library an average of $250 per calendar year. Tiffany Donors receive a special pin and an invitation to Tiffany Fundraising dinners that are held twice per year in conjunction with the Society’s winter and summer shows, usually the evening of the first day of the show.

The dinners usually feature a short talk by a leader in the hobby and allow us to recognize major donors as well as to present pins to new members of the Tiffany Society who have given the Society $1000 or more over the previous four years. All individuals who have given the Society or Library $250 or more in the past year should automatically receive an invitation. Others may inquire about attending by contacting Ken Martin at 814-933-3817.

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