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eBay Code of Conduct

eBay worked with the APS to develop a Code of Conduct for selling philatelic material on eBay. This Code of Conduct has been drawn from the Philatelic Code of Ethics, the Standing Resolutions of the American Philatelic Society, and specific terms of sale which are considered "general trade practice" within the organized philatelic community. It neither replaces nor supplants eBay's general seller rules and regulations, but rather supplements those rules. Sellers are encouraged to abide by these guidelines when selling items on eBay. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action by eBay and possible suspension or loss of selling privileges.

I agree not knowingly to sell, trade, produce, or advertise repaired, reperforated, regummed, altered, or otherwise modified philatelic items unless that condition is clearly stated. I further agree that forged stamps, fakes, facsimiles, and reproductions are allowed to be sold provided:

1) their sale does not violate applicable laws or copyrights,
2) the item is clearly and indelibly marked as a forgery, fake, facsimile or reproduction on the front or back, and
3) the seller's listing clearly states that the item is a forgery, fake, reproduction, or facsimile and includes an image of the marking.

I agree not knowingly to participate in any way in the advertisement, sale or trade of any philatelic material using any deceptive practices including, but not limited to, false or misleading claims of sales scarcity, value, condition or investment potential.

I agree not to sell philatelic items of which the ownership is questionable.

I agree to promptly refund the purchase price for any item which has been deemed by any expertizer approved by eBay as other than as offered or described by the seller.

I agree that the term "As Is" or similar language may be used only to describe condition. It can never be used to comment on authenticity or to excuse a misdescribed item. Furthermore, I agree to use the term "As Is" or similar language only after having described all known faults including those not evident in the picture of my items.

I agree to abide by all laws relating to philatelic matters. Report a fake or incorrectly described item on eBay.

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