American Philatelic Society
Library Naming Opportunities

Building 3 Named - George and Eleanor Fisher $600k
Building 4 Named - Horace W. Harrison $400k
1st Floor Reading Room $250k
2nd Floor Reading Room $200k
Journal Collection $200k
Building 4 1st Floor $150k
Building 4 2nd Floor $100k
Auction Catalogs $100k
Worldwide Stamp Catalog Collection $100k
Closed Stacks - High Density Shelving (1st floor) $50k
Closed Stacks - High Density Shelving (2nd floor) $50k
Gift Shop Named - Keith Stupell $50k
Heritage Room Named - APS Past Presidents $50k
Philatelic Union Catalog Named - David Straight $50k
Rare Book Room Named - George Turner $50k
United States Book Collection $50k
Entrance Area Named - Roger G. Schnell $35k
Librarians Office Named - Lamar Stout $35k
Atrium $25k
Circulation Desk Named - James Dimond $25k
Government Documents Collection $25k
Library Reading Lounge All 5 Named - James & Susanbeth Dempsey, Eliot A. & Eileen B. Landau, Liberty Series, Gail & Wade Saadi, Ed Szpiro $25k each
Auction Catalogs - Name Sales $20k
Elevator $20k
General/Beginner Book Collection $20k
Stairwell $20k
1st Floor Reference Desk Named - Bryan I. Lorber $15k
Award for Best Annual Article in the Philatelic Literature Review Named - Tom Allen $15k
Study Carrel (Building 4 looking out at Talleyrand Park) 5 of 6 Named - Felix and Cheryl Ganz, Mary Morison, Richard Riley, NAPEX, C. David Eeles $15k each
2nd Floor Reference Desk Named - Richard Raney $10k
Aerophilatelic Book Collection $10k
Canada & BNA Book Collection $10k
Conference Table Named - Antoinette Ives Bristol and Harvey Minter Gelder $10k
Exhibit Collection $10k
Latin American Collection Named - Alfredo Frohlich $10k
Reading Nook (1st floor under stairwell) $10k
Volunteer Work Area $10k
Album Collection Named - Hugh "Mel" Goldberg $7.5k
Asian Book Collection Named - Michael Rogers $7.5k
Australia/Oceania Book Collection Named - SAS/Oceania $7.5k
Thematic Reference Collection Named - Mary Ann Owens & George Guzzio $7.5k
APS/APRL Archives Named - Donna Moser Peak $5k
Study Carrel (2nd Floor Building 3, 4 available) $5k each
Chinese Book Collection $5k
File Room Named - In loving memory of Helen G. August $5k
Maritime Mail Book Collection $5k
Show Programs $2.5k
French Book Collection Named - Jack Dykhouse $5k
German Book Collection Named - Keith Stupell $5k
Great Britain Book Collection Named - Thomas P. Myers $5k
Italian Book Collection $5k
Japanese Book Collection $5k
Map Room Named - Al & Dottie Kugel $5k
Mexican Book Collection $5k
Russian Book Collection Named - Ralph Merritt $5k
Swiss Book Collection Named - American Helvetia Philatelic Society $5k
Youth Book Collection Named - MaryAnn Bowman $5k
Individual Country Book Collections $2.5k each
Confederate States of America Book Collection Named - Patricia Kaufmann - In memory of John W. Kaufmann $2.5k
Portuguese Book Collection Named - Steven Washburne $2.5k
South African Book Collection Named - Philatelic Society for Grater Southern Africa $2.5k
Work Stations 1 of 2 Named - Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Nilsestuen $2.5k each
Work Tables 2 of 6 Named (1 available on 1st floor, 3 available on 2nd floor) - Virginia Philatelic Federation $2.5k each
One side of a row of shelves 29 of 102 Named for Paul Aspinwall (2), Thomas Bieniosek (2), Cheryl R. Ganz, Carol Giles-Straight, Karl Gruber, In memory of Barth Healey, W. Wilson Hulme II, Jonathan L. Johnson, Jr., Rod Juell (2), Mike Lampson, Ken Martin, Bruce Marsden, Mt. Nittany Philatelic Society, Ralph Nafziger, Charles J. O'Brien III (3), Hiram H. Ostrander, Larry Parks, The Perfins Club, Pieper O'Brien Herr (2), Betty Pollock, Precancel Stamp Society
$1k each


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